Substitute a Lost Degree with a Replacement Diploma

A few months back a good friend of mine Roberto was inspired to look for her old diploma after her nephew graduated from college. It was that this time that he realized her diploma had been misplaced, lost somewhere between her last move and maybe a spring-cleaning session. After a number of hurdles, he found relief in the form of a replacement diploma used to personally replace her lost degree.

A Lost Degree is a Treasure Hunt that Takes on Many Angles

Roberto attended an all boy graduate school about twenty years ago. The school was a small for-profit institute located in upstate. I bring this to your attention because replacing a diploma from such institutes turns out to not only be a burden for Roberto but is seriously a burden for countless others to this day.

When he graduated in the spring they mailed his an official diploma. He never stopped to think that diploma would be the last diploma he would ever get from the school.

After a series of phone calls with his old school and emails that were unanswered, he learned the following. The fact is there are many colleges that only print diplomas for students at the time of graduation. As each student graduate, the school asks their diploma supplier to fulfill each request. In order to cut down on overhead, the supplier only prints that one single diploma. The idea of having to turn back on the machines and reprint replacements these years later is not a feasible one.

This meant when Roberto lost his degree, he had nowhere to turn to. It was then that a former alumni member, in the same boat, suggested a personal replacement diploma sold online often under the label of “fake diplomas” or “phony diplomas”.

It’s important to realize that these replacements are sold as personal replacements. Technically if Roberto’s old college provided a diploma for his, they would be replacing it. None of the diplomas issued that I speak of were provided by a school or are being issued, so what is being sold is a personal diploma replacement used exclusively for Roberto’s own benefits. This is what makes such diplomas 100% legal compared to a mill because nothing is being issued or carried out in this regard.

How does a Replacement Diploma compare to Lost Degrees

In most cases a supplier will collect actual diplomas including a diploma from Roberto’s old college. The company then carefully replicates that diploma as its own unique template, capturing the actual diploma’s layout and structure. They also pay careful attention to the precise spot of where the diploma seal belongs. They even make notes of the fonts used, number of signatures and more.

As somebody like Roberto goes online to a site like and then requests such services, they see what diploma he wants and pull the appropriate template from their database. The diploma is then personalized with his name, his specific dates, degree details and more. Once finished, it can be previewed by Roberto for approval, if he chooses to do so, then packaged up and shipped to his home.

From the day he makes his order, his personal replacement diploma arrives at his home in just a few days as the answer to his lost degree.

For former students struggling to get replacements due to limited resources, a personal replacement may be of great benefit. Should you be interested in such services, we invite you to check this website today and speak to a customer support agent about how we may be of assistance. Our staff is here Monday to Friday, from 10 am to 5 pm CST and we offer live chat, phone support at 866-687-5403 and email.