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If you are looking for a fake diploma or degree from the United States, Diploma Company offers the best collection of any site on the internet. That is because we have spent years collecting diplomas from all over the country and creating layouts which replicate the actual structure of real educational documents! These layouts give us the necessary tools and resources to create high quality fakes from ged testing centers, fakes from high schools, and fakes from colleges and universities. This includes custom documents all over the USA!

The majority of our products are used by customers looking to replace previously lost or damaged diplomas, as a way to boost their self esteem and encourage graduation or to fool friends, co-workers and former alumni. We have a blog that goes into greater detail on many of these examples. The fact is, no matter why you want, we know how important it is to you that the document look and feel realistic. That is why we put so much time and emphasis on studying diplomas and degrees and what makes each unique so that we can precisely and accurately replicate them.

How can I order fake diplomas and degrees from USA?

The process of buying products from us is so simple. First choose the type of document you want below. We offer diplomas or certificates by themselves, transcripts which showcase classes and grades or combo packages of both items. Once an order is completed, our staff goes to work accessing the appropriate resources necessary to product your custom document.

Remember that we stock layouts from all over the country. So if you want a high school diploma from the Midwest, we will use the layout we have assigned to the school you are requesting. This same rule applies to colleges and universities, where we in many cases have layouts for both graduate and undergraduate degrees from the same schools.

How soon can I get my USA diploma?

If you are looking to get a diploma fast, Diploma Company can help! All of our products ship in under 24 business hours due to the incredible staff we have working for us and resources at our disposal. The only delays may include sampling if you wish to proof your order before it leaves our warehouse. This is a service we offer for free to all customers but  it may delay production due to extra steps involved in the production process.

What if I need more help?

We are here to help you with extended support hours. You can reach our support staff by telephone, email or live chat during our posted business hours.

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