How to create a PhD Diploma

The fact is, earning a real phd is difficult. Some people who get frustrated will find about fake alternates online and immediately they think they discovered an easier path. It is important to understand that a fake phd diploma is a "novelty" document.

Companies that provide fake diplomas are not here to help others land jobs they don't deserve to apply for, but simply provide an entertaining product that is great to replace lost documents with, impress friends, or boost somebody's own self esteem.

If you considering buying a fake phd diploma to get a job promotion or make management think you graduated with an intriguing degree, please do not do so. Many businesses these days have the ability to research one's background and find out the truth about their past educational experience including degrees earned. If you are looking to buy a fake PhD diploma to fool a close friend into thinking you graduated, or to push yourself to earning your real degree, then you will find this article very helpful.

There is certainly an understanding of degrees and artistic touch needed to produce a realistic looking PhD, and here are some great tips on how novelty diploma shops make them themselves:

Steps to creating the best and most realistic PhD Diplomas!

  1. They print using high quality diploma paper that impersonates the same kind of paper used to print real PhD diplomas. This type of paper us usually very thick and durable, helping the document last for years. We recommend touching a real diploma if you can and feeling the paper type that was used, to make sure you pick and choose the best paper for your fake.
  2. The top ranked fake diploma creators will use professional grade diploma printing machines. This high end equipment is not only built to handle large volumes of custom documents but it can do many things that your cheap $100 print at home can not do. The problem with most home printers is that they leave imperfections in the document, that are noticeable to a professional's eye. If you print a diploma yourself, compare it to a real one and look for bad markings. If you don't spot any, you may have made yourself a pretty realistic looking PhD diploma which is a rare feat for an amateur.
  3. Most suppliers have a team of people who check over teach order before it leaves, ensuring that quality standards are set. Some of these requirements including checking for spelling mistakes, making sure the correct number of signature lines are on the document, making sure the seal is in the right place, etc. The more people you have checking over each document, the more you can be ensured everything is right. Often somebody designing a fake from their own home does not have the same team of people, mistakes are often made, and fakes are often spotted more easily.
  4. Make sure you pay close attention to the type of degree that you are making. A lot of times people do not know the difference between a J.D. or a Ph.D. and it can can often send up a red flag when you show the document to others. Most suppliers understand what degree type of necessary and carefully choose the correct degree and majors.
  5. The best fake diploma makers are very strict when it comes to making fakes. They put a lot of emphasis on choosing the right paper size, the right paper color, right seals, right fonts, right layouts, etc. Why some people may choose to do this themselves, others may count on a professional print shop to do it the right way.