Have you lost or misplaced a California diploma? Did you never graduate from a Golden state school but want to trick some friends into thinking you did?

A few years back, a friend of mine named Isabella graduated from the State, before losing her diploma. Not being able to afford the school's delay in replacing her degree, she turned to this site.

They were able to create her a custom document that looked and felt like her old one. She was amazed at how authentic it looked, how fast it came and that they were willing to give her a free proof to approve their work. She has since recommended them to Samantha who needs one from "Cal State".

If this sounds like something you are into it, Diploma Company is your answer! We create products that make great replacements for lost or damaged documents, novelties and more. We are not a school and we do not print on the behalf of any.

How to order Fake California Diplomas and Transcripts from DiplomaCompany.com?

We simply need the following:

  • Details about your school. We carry high school, college, university and GED documents.
  • Your name or the name you want printed.
  • Dates for graduation or passing.
  • Your GPA or final scores you want highlighted.
  • ... and that's it.

Are you ready to order? See our list of products below. Each product has further details allowing you to request a California USA document. Contact us for further assistance.