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Nellie Henderson woke up seven years ago feeling depressed about the direction her life was going in. At 26 years of age, she was a struggling student at her local community college unable to pass two important courses she had left and unsure if she was going to ever earn her associates degree. This is the story about how fake degree certificates changed Nellie’s life for the better and created a path to success.

The struggles she felt were frustrating because she breezed through high school finding no problems earning her diploma. After graduation, unsure of what career path she wanted to take, she decided to attend a local college and focused on getting a general education degree before settling on a specific major going forward.

What happened was she started to question the decisions she was making and found herself falling into a lonely hole of depression that she struggled to get out of.

Her parents who were wanting to encourage her and push her towards earning her degree, invested in fake degree certificates to boost her esteem and raise her spirits.

What are fake degree certificates

These are custom made novelty documents designed to look and feel like actual college certificates. In most cases a print shop obtains copies of certificates from colleges all over the world. The certificates are studied from top to bottom and are precisely replicated as original templates. The templates can then be used to create documents such as the one Nellie’s parents purchased for her.

Websites offer fake certificates in a variety of levels including college and university options but also high school and high school equivalency choices. You would simply choose the type that you want and the supplier would collect some specific details including names you want to have printed on it, dates for passing, degree and major details and so forth.

Items are typically produced in under 24 hours, packaged up and shipped to you.

Why do most people buy fake degree certificates?

graduate holding a degree in here hands from college graduate holding a degree in here hands from college

There are a percentage of people who want to fool somebody with a fake. Maybe they are getting teased about lacking a degree, so they want a fake to shut somebody up. There is that group. There are also people who need fake degree certificates cause they lost their degree and don’t want to deal with the hassles and delays associated with the school replacing it. If the document is for personal reasons, this is a perfectly legit reason to obtain one.

Others like Nellie’s parents use it as a way to inspire others and encourage them to earn their actual degree. Their hope was she would see the diploma with her name on it and it would show her what was possible, bring her out of her funk, and help push her towards graduation.

Do fake degree certificates work?

So this is the big question that is on everybody’s mind. They all want to know, "do they work?" As we stated before there are multiple reasons why somebody would invest in such a document but in the case of Nellie, it did boost her morale and I’m happy to say that she returned to school, focused on her degree and was able to graduate. So in this circumstance the short answer is "yes" but there is more to this.

You see Nellie’s friend had graduated from the same community college the year prior. Their daughter was well aware of what the real diploma looked like and they were concerned that if it looked too fictitious, it would not impress her enough at first viewing and the impact may have died.

What happened was their daughter was shocked at the quality and kept complimenting how much the fake they purchased online looked just like her friend’s college degree. The layout was spot on. So was the structure and format. So much of the detail was captured in the document.

I can say that in her case it worked better than expected. I’d imagine in the purpose of fooling a friend as a novelty or as a personal replacement, the results would be similar.

How can I find more details about fake degree certificates today?

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