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Michele Haynes always wanted to be a “barney” but unlike his father, he didn’t have the grades after high school to attend the prestigious university. He wanted a fake degree from the real university as a piece of memorabilia to show his support for the school. Sure he could have gotten a big red jacket with a big letter “H” on it but he figured nothing would signify the feeling of being an alumni like his father, quite like a degree would.

He began to consider websites that sold fake degrees but many out there printed documents featuring fictitious schools. Michael had no desire to get a novelty from "Lakewood University" or "The University of Columbus". Either one of those just sounded silly. He instead wanted one with a real university name on it like a fake diploma from Harvard. It was about honoring the pride he had for the school by seeing it's name on his fake and that feeling was something not achievable with anything less than perfect.

A friend of his suggested an online print shop called DiplomaCompany.com which provided high quality fake degrees from real universities all over the world. After placing an order and getting his diploma delivered to him, Michael was shocked at how realistic the document looked but with over 10 years as a design and print shop with tons of satisfied customers, maybe Michael should not have been.

Why fake degrees from real universities are on the rise in !

There are many popular reasons why somebody chooses to invest in a fake degree. Most likely it’s about fooling somebody close to them, boosting one’s esteem or personally replacing an irreplaceable degree fast. Although Michae’s decision did not fit into one of those three categories, he’s not the only one out there buying one for his specific purpose this month of .

What goes into making a fake degree from a real university?

Diploma Company has spent years collecting degrees from actual universities. Some are just a few years old and some are generations old. Some come from big time institutes that you all know and love and some come from practically unheard of privately funded ones. As the copies of degrees roll in, they are all carefully studied from top to bottom by a diploma designer like Melissa. The knowledge we collect about the degree is then used to generate "premium" templates that are inspired by the original itself. These new templates capture the structure and format of popular university degree favorites, allowing for the best fake degrees> possible.

How does the staff take advantage of these resources? So, let’s say somebody requests a Fake University of Michigan Diploma from the spring of 2003. The design crew would then pull the assigned spring ‘03 layout that they have on file for that specific request. All the design team needs to do at that point is edit separate blocks of information including the name listed as the student, the preferred major and minor of the degree, and dates for graduation. Slight changes are then made to abide by restrictions and regulations but with their satisfaction guarantee, most buyers find the true spirit of the degree is met and are thrilled with the final results.

Once the final document is printed, checked over by management, securely packaged up and delivered, it is then in your hands. Many customers over the past few years have chosen to frame their replication provided by Diploma Company and put it up for display in their home or office, even if they actually did graduate. Since replacing lost or damaged diplomas can be costly and timely, displaying a fake degree and safekeeping the original is often a smart move.

What do I need to know when ordering fake degrees from real universities?

The process of requesting custom documents like these has been simplified with recent changes to our ordering process. Different document options are available when requesting services from different areas of the world. Depending on where the real university you want your fake degree is from, you would need to select a specific product option for your area of need.

Case in point, let’s say you want a Fake University of Phoenix Diploma. Maybe a friend of yours graduated from there and they’re giving you a hard time so you want to have a little fun with them. We would be glad to help you play the ultimate gag on them and blow them away with a shockingly real fake from us. So the first thing to know is that the requested degree is from a university in the United States. So this request would be considered a fake usa university diploma which is a popular choice in our line of .

If you wanted a fake diploma from a real Australian university, we offer and for degrees from Norway, you would want to look at our fake college degree from Norway universities. I can cite several examples but I am sure by this point, you are starting to understand just how this process works.

How real will the fake college degree be compared to the actual university issued degree?

fake university of south florida diploma degree upclose

Like we said there are limitations put in place as we abide by restrictions but our goal is to make you a realistic fake degree that you would be thrilled to present. If we skipped over important aspects of popular diplomas that customers found important, we would not be able to stand by our work with such confidence.

Obviously with so many universities out there and the fact that schools will constantly change up their layouts, results will differ among consumers. We would like to invite you to take a look at our entire catalog, learn more about our options, and see if we can be of service. Remember your purchase is protected by the strongest guarantee of any competing site, so there is no risk in giving us a try.

Our website is open 24/7. Anytime you want to request services, please do so. If you need help, our staff is here to answer questions M-F 10 am to 5 pm CST. They are available via live chat, email or phone support at 866-687-5403.