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As reported by the National Center for Education Statistics, more than three million students received their high school diplomas during the academic year 2008–2009. Every one of those graduates receives a diploma. And if you include the past ten years, about 28 million diplomas have been awarded.

That said, there is a lot of paper in circulation that might be misplaced, stolen, or destroyed. However, there may be a method to get a high school diploma copy for free. All you gotta do is do some good research and analysis in the same regard. The diploma can subsequently be used to demonstrate your academic accomplishment to a prospective employment or to apply for college.

Reasons You Might Need a High School Diploma Copy

high school diploma next to a stack of other high school documents high school diploma next to a stack of other high school documents

Simply defined, a diploma shows that you have successfully completed your high school. And, ideally, it has all the information and skill set necessary to support your achievement. A diploma lists the following:

  • institution you attended,
  • the date you graduated, and could also list
  • any distinctions or prizes you were given.

Several entities may request your high school diploma. To ensure that you satisfy the educational criteria of the institution, several universities and technical schools want a high school diploma copy before you enroll. The only thing that the majority of colleges ask for is your high school transcript. However some might additionally want to see a copy of your diploma.

They won't be seeing you in person. But they want to be sure you are prepared to enroll in their school. So online schools are sometimes more likely to need a high school diploma copy than traditional colleges.

Some might need to confirm that you received the education you claimed to have received. And also possess the qualifications required for the position. So certain jobs may additionally ask you to send a copy of your high school diploma along with your application.

Additionally, you could occasionally just need your high school diploma copy for personal purposes or so your mother can display it on the wall.

Most high school grads get a copy of their high school diploma online free after they graduate. But for whatever reason, you might not have received one or you might have lost it.

Ways to Get Copy of Your High School Diploma Online

Follow the instructions for the scenario that most closely corresponds to your circumstance from the two examples below to find out how to ask for and get a copy of your high school diploma.

Scenario 1: You have the contact details of your high school

It shouldn't be too difficult for you to obtain a diploma copy if you know how to get in touch with them. You can do this through an email address, phone number, or physical location.

Contact your high school first. Say that "I need a copy of my high school diploma fast" and find out how to proceed. Contact the school's main office if you're unsure of who to talk with. They should be able to point you in the right direction.

The procedure to obtain a high school diploma copy is typically rather simple after you have contacted your institution. You might need to provide identification to establish your identity. You can do this by either submitting a copy or providing details such your date of birth or social security number. It might cost a few dollars if you want a copy of your diploma delivered to you.

Scenario 2: Your school is closed or you are unable to contact it

There are probably several ways to request a copy of a high school diploma online free. Some options include a school website, an email address, a phone number, and a physical location. However, there are situations when you just are unable to contact your school. So you must try an alternative means of obtaining your high school diploma copy.

  • In the event that your high school is no longer operational, this can also be the case. Here, the best course of action will be to contact your previous school district or the education office for the state where your high school was.
  • If you went to a public high school, get in touch with the district office for the area that once accommodated that institution.
  • You can then contact and inform the district that you want a copy of your high school diploma. It would be able to acquire you your copy because it still has student records for each high school that was a part of it.
  • Get in touch with your state's department of education if you can't discover your school's district, it no longer exists, or you attended a private high school. The Department of Education should be able to connect you with a person who can assist you in obtaining your diploma. Because they will have records for both your current and previous high schools. Have your name, the name of your high school, the location where it is or was situated, and the year you graduated ready to provide to them.
  • On the National Center for Education Statistics website for private schools, you may also look up records and contact information if you went to a private high school there. When you submit details about your school, including its name and location. The website ought to be able to collect useful contact information. They could offer means for you to get in touch with your school directly. Or they can provide contact details for a location that houses student records.

What if You Still Can't Obtain a High School Diploma Copy?

high school graduate in a cap and gown holding his high school diploma high school graduate in a cap and gown holding his high school diploma

What if you have tried and tested the aforementioned methods and are still unable to obtain a high school diploma copy?

Your inability to get in touch with your high school is most likely the cause of your inability to receive your diploma.

Before moving on to this part, be sure you have exhausted all possible avenues for contact. That includes looking for your school online or asking old classmates for contact information. And, if it is still open and convenient for you, you can even try stopping by the school itself.

If you are unable to get a copy of your diploma and are required to do so in order to apply for a job or school, you should speak with a representative of the recruiting or admissions process to learn about your choices.

You might, for example, use your high school transcript in place of your graduation. Companies may allow you to use your transcript in place of your diploma. This is particularly true if it's the final copy of your transcript school provided you after graduation. That's because it will detail every high school course you took and frequently include a remark indicating you passed the graduation exam.

The procedure for obtaining a copy of a high school diploma online free is identical to the procedure for obtaining your transcript. And you can simply go by the steps mentioned above in the same regard.

Some institutions, especially if you graduated some time ago, could opt to send you a copy of your last high school transcript rather than a high school diploma copy. In general, this should be OK. But you might want to double-check with the institution or job you're submitting it to be sure.

There are a few options if you're unable to obtain a copy of your high school transcript or diploma. You can provide relevant courses you've completed or standardized test results. You can even provide a statement from one of your old instructors saying when you graduated in lieu of a diploma.

Some of these alternatives might not always be feasible. Because some areas have very rigorous criteria while others are more lenient.

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