Affordable and Easy Copy of High School Diploma

Although it’s more common for a college or university to close it's doors for good, typically high schools stay around. Yet, some private schools financially struggle and close and some public schools merge, making affordable and easy copies of high school diplomas for past students difficult to maintain.

For some, a fake high school diploma provides an alternative option for those struggling to get replacement copies from their former schools.

In May of 2010, Lana Rhoades graduated from a charter school or public high school. When Lana found herself landing a position with a firm six years later, they requested a copy of her diploma. She figured she would call up her old high school. What she found out was that it was no longer in operation and even a last second funding campaign couldn't save it from closure. There was nobody there to answer the phones. Nobody there to fulfill her diploma request. What had happened was by 2014, the high school announced they were shutting down operations due to financial and enrollment difficulties. Although not common at all, schools like this shut down all the time.

Another story involves Kimmy Granger who graduated from a public school in upstate New York. She simply wanted a copy of her diploma to display on her office wall after her original diploma became damaged. She figured it was a simple call and request. What she found out was that her high school only printed one diploma per student at the time of graduation. They refused to print any more diplomas at a later date. When asked how she could get a copy, the school provided no resources or answers. She was lost for ideas.

What to do when copies of high school diplomas seem unattainable?

So maybe situations like those involving Lana and Kimmy sound familiar to you? Maybe your in need of a fast and affordable copy of your high school diploma but are unsure of what to do and who to turn to?

One option you may want to consider is buying a fake high school diploma. These are high quality replications of actual high school diplomas that are customized with your names and dates. This was the solution that Kimmy found when she heard about from a friend and former graduate of hers in the same predicament. They were able to assist her in creating a diploma that she could use as a copy substitute.

Advantages of using fake diplomas as high school diploma copies?

People often buy these types of documents if they are fooling a friend, needing one as a prop, etc. These are not official diplomas so no degrees are being issued or granted. Although that is the case, these are extremely realistic looking replications of diplomas. In the case of KImmy’s request they had a copy of her New York high school diploma and used that diploma to create a template. The template captured the correct layout, structure, signature and seal placement, font types and more. When she requested a diploma from her former school, the correct template was pulled by the lead designer and her details, including her names and graduation date details, were applied to the template. The final document was professionally printed, securely packaged and shipped to her home.

When she got it, KImmy had the diploma hung up and framed. Behind the glass, she was amazed at the quality. Again this was a personal replacement that she needed but the quality in her opinion was astonishing. She still remembers what her original high school diploma looked like and to see what the company provided as a high school diploma copy alternative, she couldn’t have been more pleased with the attention to detail.

What if I’m struggling to get a fast and affordable copy of my high school diploma?

If you contact your old high school and are running into issues like the examples we posted above, you may want to consider a fake diploma instead. It’s important to understand what exactly a fake is, the pros and cons, etc. If this seems like a good option for you, you may want to check out Diploma Company. They offer a series of custom novelty documents including college, university and yes high school options.The website is online and open for business 24/7 but the staff is here M-F 10AM-6PM CST. They can be reached via live chat, email and even toll-free phone support at 866-687-5403. They look forward to talking to you about getting an affordable and quick copy solution.