The fact is, fake diplomas are very simple to make if you have access to the right materials. They are great for those attending a recent graduation party who may not have graduated themselves but want to impress old friends. But there are also other reasons why somebody may want to buy such a product. For example, they want to protect their real diploma and put out a fake one in its place for those visiting their home to see. At the same time, they may want to display their diploma in several places such as a home and office, making the need for additional copies.

Although the reasons for wanting one will vary, the path to obtaining one can be frustrating for some who don't realize the many steps involved in doing it right. Some will try to make one themselves before smashing their computer in rage! For others they will find simple solutions online. If you want to challenges yourself regardless, then read below.

What do I need to make a high school diploma

The first step to making your own diploma is to gather as many real diplomas that you can. Research what makes each of them special. What you will find is that although a lot of diplomas feature similar elements, depending on the degree the overall structure of the diploma can change. If hiring a diploma maker, it's also key if they can locate a copy of your actual high school diploma to use during the production process, to ensure the final document captures many of the elements that make it unique.

Next it's important that the designer uses the right kind of paper stock. This again depends on each diploma and what the actual school uses. In some cases, the actual diploma can be printed on a standard white color, while others can be made in blueish colors or even cream tones. To make a great looking diploma, the correct type of paper and color should be taken into careful consideration.

The next step involved is to setup a graphic design program to create the diploma. Adobe Photoshop is a very popular one. Make sure you use it to fist trace over an actual diploma that you have saved to your computer, in order to create a template from it. You could spend many hours tracking down a diploma copy from your high school in order to trace a design, or you can find a professional diploma maker who has these already in stock.

Once you have finished creating your diploma template, you can begin adding information to it to personalize it. First, provide the name of your school up top, making sure to use the exact type of font that your real high school diploma has on it. Next, your name will go into the spot that showcases the graduate's name. The last step is to add fake signatures to your diploma. Knowing the titles of each signature is also important such as whether the real diploma is signed by the President, the Chancellor or both. Again, a good diploma maker will know this information and although many may find their services expensive, others will say the price is worth the comfort of knowing it was done right!

Once you are done and the high school diploma you've made has been printed out and is ready to frame, I highly suggest asking somebody who graduated from your same school or tracking down a real diploma, to compare the diploma you made with the real one. If you spot any issues, you may want to correct them right away. It's also worth considering holding a copy of a real diploma while you are making your fake one to spot any potential problems.

Of course, if the idea of making a fake high school diploma seems too difficult, you can could always pay for professional services and buy one online.