female graduate student in cap and gown holding a copy of her certificate

Many people come across situations when they find themselves looking online at custom-made certificates. For some, they been as a shortcut in life to landing a better job or getting accepted into a school program. However, although realistic, these sort of fake certificates are sold for particular uses.

This article goes over proper use and how each use may benefit you. It also discusses uses that are unintentional and fall back you may encounter.

Ways to Use Fake Certificates

As Personal Replacements

If you lose or misplace a document, including a certificate, replacements may be easy to come by. Sometimes the institutes or programs that issued them are no longer around. When this happens, there is nobody at the office to fulfill replacement requests. This is where a high quality replication of let's say a fake TESOL certificate or a fake college certificate may come in handy.

For Inspiration

Keep in mind these documents are created by fist collecting actual certificates. The certificates are studied and then carefully replicated into original templates. Being that they look so realistic, they can often inspire others. Case in point, a student struggling to get a beauty license, may motivate themselves with a fake cosmetology certificate. This is because seeing a document with their name on it, potential passing dates, and school details, can push their goal of completing a certification forward.

As Props

You may have seen a certificate in a movie or TV show, as a background prop, and never realized it. Often scenes done in offices or studies showcase these sort of documents.

In fact, the 1999 horror film Sleepy Hollow used a fake marriage certificate as a prop for a scene.

There was also a certificate of appreciation used in the show Prison Break back in 2017 and a fake birth certificate in 1989's Indiana Jones And The Last Crusade.

Negatives to Consider

These sort of certificates should never be presented as official documents, specially not official legal documentation. Although they do look very authentic, using them improperly can lead to serious legal charges brought against you. A phony document should also be used for entertainment or personal use.

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