When Andrew first applied for his job last June there was no mention of needing a copy of his diploma. Even though he graduated from college, he had since placed the diploma in a storage box completely forgetting about it. That was until his job asked for a copy of his diploma and he found himself reflecting on his time at school and wondering whatever happened to his diploma. This is his story.

About three months ago, Andrew started working for a designer firm that was located downtown. The job required graphic design experience but there was no mention of needing a diploma although it was recommended. Fortunately Andrew did have a degree in graphic design from an arts college.

When applying for the job he made a note of having a diploma but the human resources agent did not request a copy of it and Andrew felt it wasn’t necessary.

The day my job asked for my diploma

Upon starting at the firm, Andrew started to notice many of the other designers had diplomas hanging on their office wall or next to their desk. It made him start to think about his own diploma but it never crossed his mind as to why the diplomas were on display. After talking to his manager Robin it all made sense.

Robin explained that when working with clients, many like to know the designers have degrees. It gives his design firm a sense of professionally, allowing clients to know the designers are trained and qualified and certified to do the work. She told Andrew that it was important he brought his diploma into work and put it on display.

This all made sense to Andrew and he was completely on board. The only problem was, he had to find his old diploma. As I said before, after graduating he placed the diploma in storage but was unsure where it was today.

After spending all night looking through several boxes, he gave up... realizing his diploma was lost. The next morning he called up his old school, only to learn that it had shut down. There was nobody answering the phones, nobody there to replace his diploma. That afternoon he spoke to Robin about his options.

Robin mentioned Claire another associate, in the same predicament, who purchased a fake diploma in place of her lost diploma.

Using a fake diploma with my job

After speaking to Claire about her experiences, he decided to try Diploma Company. They were a company that created high quality fake diplomas with original templates they stocked. They were aware of his old diploma from California and could replicate a new one and create a fake California diploma with his information including names and dates. Since his school could not come through, this meant he could use a fake as a replacement for his misplaced document.

After placing the order online for a fake college diploma, the document was carefully packaged up and shipped to his home. It arrived just a few days later. Even though Andrew had gotten a sample of his order prior to it leaving the warehouse, he was anxious to see the final document created by the staff at Diploma Company.

Did the fake diploma remind Andrew of his lost diploma?

His immediate reaction was how the fake captures the layout and structure of the diploma from his former design college. They put the seal in the right spot, same signature count, etc. It was printed on the proper diploma paper, correct coloring and the quality was exceptional, even if minor changes were made to protect against regulations and limitations. In fact, after hanging the diploma up in his office he almost ran into a potentially awkward situation but luckily it all worked out.

A client of his showed up to discuss a new magazine spread they were doing. The contact named Brenda sat down to talk to Andrew about the job, her company’s vision for the design piece, etc. She immediately noticed his diploma hanging up in the corner. She said, “Oh, you graduated from the same school as me”. Andrew paused thinking she would question any of the imperfections found on the fake he had purchased. BUT even after walking up to it and taking a good long hard look at it, she smiled saying how happy she was to meet a fellow alumni.

The conversion broke the ice, eased any tension, built trust and helped created a good relationship between the two of them. All of a sudden Andrew realized why his job wanted a copy of his diploma in the first place.

What if I need a fake diploma for my work?

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