My job wants my diploma but I don't have one!

You showed up for work on Monday morning and out of the blue your boss calls you into his office! He says the company needs a copy of your credentials! Your job wants your diploma. All of a sudden you realize you don't have one.

First of all, is it normal that jobs ask for my diploma?

Although most think that a company would likely request a copy of your diploma, during the interview process, sometimes the request can come months (and sometimes years) later.

I can personally recall a situation with a friend of mine named Luella who had just started working as a operations manager for a temp agency. She had graduated from a private college with a business administration, and when she found out the agency was looking for somebody with experience and a degree and she had both, she submitted her result and after several interviews, landed the position.

At the time, Luella said they never asked for copies of anything involving her school. But then one day, the human resources just spontaneous needed a photocopy of her diploma for record keeping. What Luella didn't realize is that it's very common for businesses to make these sorts of requests.

How to get a copy of my school's diploma for my job?

Luella fortunately had her original diploma laying around, the one that was mailed from the school after she graduated.  Had she had somehow misplaced it, she could have called her school and requested a copy to be made.

On most school's websites you can find a contact to the registrar offices. Once confirming you graduated, copies of documents such as diplomas or transcripts can be contained.

What happens if you can't obtain a diploma for work?

Although in most cases, the millions of students that graduate each year are able to get replacements of misplaced diplomas, the situation isn't as easy for others. Luella told me about a co-worker of hers, at a previous job, who was told to provide a diploma to his work but his old school one of those charter schools that shut down quite often.

After explaining his ordeal to his boss, he was told any substitute would do and somehow the conversation switched to fake diplomas that were these custom documents marketed online as convenient substitutes or novelties for pulling pranks on friends. It was more of less a replication of real diplomas, meaning he could get a replica made of his old charter diploma for work.

At the time, Luella remembers her friend thinking the idea was too good to be true. But he found a website that looked legit and purchased a fake college diploma on it. Apparently, he just needed to give some details like the school's name, his information, dates, degree details, etc, and the staff at the novelty degree shop produced his replica and shipped it out. He told Luella that the new diploma arrived a few days later and he had it photocopied before handing it over to his boss.

According to Luella, his boss knew the document was from the novelty shop but his company has never second guessed it. As far as the how legit it looked, Luella mentions that her friend said the diploma he had ordered was very close to what he once had from his school.

I assume, getting diplomas for work could be achieved in that fashion depending on your circumstances.