Although there are many jobs that require a diploma, most don’t ask to see your diploma during the interview process. Sometimes that request comes months or years after somebody has been employed and when it does, some employees unable to find their original diploma and are unsure of the best ways to replace it.

When did your job first ask for a copy of your diploma?

my job needs my diploma by tomorrow

A few months back, my manager Christina came to me requesting a copy of my diploma. I was a bit confused as to why all of a sudden now, she wanted it but she explained that it was due to record keeping and something they wanted on file.

I didn’t think much about it, until later that day when I got home and realized it had been misplaced during my last move. Not wanting to rip apart my entire basement in an effort to locate it, I decided to contact my old college which was a small privately funded technical institute. The school itself unfortunately was shut down about a year prior due to a lack of enrollment, and now there was nobody there to help me get a diploma copy made. I was truly lost for ideas.

Alternatives to giving your job a diploma copy?

I spoke with Christina about my situation and fortunately, I was not the first employee in the same boat. She had mentioned that Marcus who worked with us, had the same issue but discovered online stores that sold fake diplomas that could be photocopied and turned in. That night I visited an online store and purchased a fake college diploma by giving them details about what I needed. About a day later, it arrived and I was surprised at how much it reminded me of the diploma I once had.

Is your job happy with the diploma you provided?

After making a copy of the diploma I was sent, I handed it in to Christina who filed it. The whole process was very easy and I was glad it was handled so effortlessly. In hindsight, I’m glad I did this because it reminded me of the time I spent at college, the memories I made, and the degree I had earned. In fact, I actually display the diploma the shop made me in my office and have had several compliments, some even coming from ex-alumni of my same college.