Maybe you’ve been teased about having to drop out of graduate school and want to show off a phd degree to get back at the bullies in your life? Maybe your filming a Hollywood blockbuster and need a prop made for an important scene your shooting next week? Maybe you want a personal copy and a backup of your difficult to replace diploma made to protect your original in case it’s ever lost or damaged. In these cases a phony diploma that looks real may be beneficial to you.

If you’re concerned that a fake diploma designer could never pull of a real looking fake, you should check out some of the samples at Diploma Company and stand in awe. Although the may or may not be direct samples of prior work done by our staff, it shows the talent behind the design team is unbelievable.

The team at Diploma Company isn’t simply a professional printing company that produces custom diplomas. They produce stunning works of art. We produce genuine looking phony documents that are one thing to see online and another to witness in person. We play close attention to many aspects of real diplomas including the paper type, font type, seal placement, sizing and more. It is hard to find another phony diploma offered anywhere as real looking as what we produce.

Why Pick Us for Your Phony Diploma Needs?

We realize these days there are a number of websites that offer similar services. Deciding which one to give your hard earned money can be a tricky situation. There are a few things you should consider with any phony diploma provider.

  1. Do they offer multiple forms of communication and can I read them when in need? A lot of sites offer email support. A lot also offer live chat, although we set the standard. Although we offer live chat and phone and email, the big difference is availability. You will find no support department works more tirelessly than the staff here at Diploma
  2. What do review sites think of them? Consider this. We’ve been considered the top site at in all the most important categories for a long time. That blog purchase phony diplomas from our site and others. It’s the only fair and honest fake diploma review site out there. We all score very high with reviews although we can’t confirm the purchases and scores are valid. The blog claims they collect data from real customers but we don’t want to highlight or brag about our score til we can attest to that data. Yet, that being said, they do score us very high.
  3. When can I get my item? A lot of sites offer limited office hours so yes they can take your order but getting the final package out on time can be a nightmare. With us, although delays are possible with proofs and acts of nature, 90% of what we ship out arrives on time.
  4. Do they offer me a satisfaction guarantee? We do. One of the few out there making it essentially a risk free purchase.

Buying Phony Diplomas in ? Go with a Site that Knows Them.

The main difference with us as a printing company is the premium templates we stock. As diplomas roll in our design team uses those diplomas to inspire premium templates. The templates altered due to regulations but the final layouts capture the structure, the format, where the logos go, etc. You don’t find better templates anywhere and when you order with us, we see what you and one of our designers pulls the appropriate premium template from our secured collection.

We don’t stock limited templates with regional designs like MIDWEST or EAST COAST but templates that are influenced by the real thing. This is a major advantage of our design firm over others.

It’s also important not to be tricked by overpriced phony diploma options out there. Some sites will charge 2x our standard rates and some customers assume more money promises better quality. That is not always the case. In some cases pricing often comes down to volume and some of the smaller sites charge more, not because the product is better, but because their making up for a limited interest in their services.

The reality is only Diploma Company can deliver on cost effective, high quality phony diplomas that are professional made, packaged and delivered in a timely matter.

To see what we mean, place an order this . If you need help, we encourage you to chat live or call 866-687-5403 with any questions. Our team is here M-F 10AM-6PM CST.