Shopping For a Phony Diploma Online!

Purchasing a phony diploma online can lead to issues is you don't make the best choice!

It seems like every day I turn on Google, there is some story about somebody getting caught with a phony diploma.Â

I personally remember years ago when a woman named Martha contacted us about a phony she purchased, from another site, for her job. The decision ended up becoming one of the worst of her life. You see, she actually graduated school but was unable to get a copy made after the school shut down! Her boss was demanding a copy and unsure what to do, she invested in phony diplomas instead.

Getting such a document made to replace a lost degree is nothing new.

As it turns out, Martha got the diploma, had a copy made, and handed it into her work. You would assume all turned out well and that was that, but that wasn't that.

When a bad phony diploma comes back to haunt you!

Early on, at her new job, Martha struggled to get the hang of her position. That lead to questions about whether or not she actually graduated! A few background checks ran into some problems because the school was closed and although she had enough proof to defend herself on that issue alone, the diploma she got online, became to become her biggest headache!

You see a few coworkers spotted some flaws on it. Turns out somebody had graduated from her same school too and knew how the school's name was printed on the real diploma, where the seal actually belonged, etc. If the water was boiling before, now the kettle was exploding!

I wish I could say this was the first time somebody got caught with a phony degree but that isn't the case:

So what makes a phony diploma from one website better than another?

A lot of times it coms down to how knowledgeable the company is about diplomas, especially your particular diploma.

Let's consider particular characteristics about a diploma including what color seal is used, where does the seal fall on the document, how is the school's name written (it is flat, is it arched, etc), and so on.

A good example of a site that I really trust is Diploma Company! Now these guys sell phony diplomas but what makes them different is that they have spent years collecting actual diplomas from real schools. They then turn those diplomas into templates which provide a reference when creating documents for clients. References including again, where the seal belongs, how the schools' name is posted, etc. Sites that have poor templates and poor guides, often fall into the mistake of creating poorly produced products for clients.

When the mistakes are made, sometimes the cost is limited and sometimes the cost can be somebody's job.

That is the problem Martha ran into. Don't let the same thing happen to you.