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There are many pros and cons to earning a fake associates degree. On the one hand, having such a degree listed on your resume, can provide a great way to get your foot in the door with a company and start a path to a desired career field. It can also lead to high-paying jobs and upward mobility within a company. On the other hand, employers may catch on that your degree is fake, which could lead to termination, face legal repercussions, or not being hired in the first place.

So what's the verdict? Is it worth it to get a fake associates degree? Let's discuss the risks involved and the possible reward below.

If you are seeking fake associates degrees in , you aren't alone! A lot of people want one!

Demand for fake associate degrees has increased over the years. As a result, there are more and more fake companies that offer such services. These documents are 100% custom made and often replicated from actual college and university degrees including Harvard. The customer will often fill out a form stating what school they want the degree document from, how they want their name to appear, a posted graduation date, a degree and major such as computer science, and more.

A design team will get to work producing the document from scratch. The template is adjusted. Later seals can be added and signatures placed. When you consider how much printing techniques have improved over the years, including the ability to create documents with raised letters and seals, you can understand why people are considering online print shops for these fake associate documents.

Pros of Fake Associates Degree

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A lot of times simply stating that you have a degree, can make you more appealing to job opportunities. If two candidates are fighting for a position, one has a degree and one doesn't, the one who does may stand out. In this case, a fake associates degree offers some benefits.

Other times, a student in college trying to earn their degree may see such a document as an esteem booster. A lot of times a struggling student, unable to pass a class or two, may consider dropping out. A fake degree with their name on it from the school they hope to graduate from inspires them to work harder and reach their goals.

Other times, such fakes are used as personal replacements. Former students, running into problems getting replacements made for lost or damaged degrees, find fakes as an acceptable alternative.

Props are also another way these degree documents can be used. Movie production studios will sometimes use such diplomas featuring the names of characters, framed and hung on a wall, as a set piece. This set piece can be used to set the tone for the movie. Everyone, from the actors and actresses to the crew all have their parts to play in the making of a movie; same with a degree certificate.

Cons of Fake Associates Degree

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Outside of using such a document as a replacement for personal use, novelty, prop, etc, can be a bit risky. On the other hand, employers may catch on that your degree is fake, which could lead to termination or not being hired.

A lot of times a fake when spotted, the print shop who produced it, used uncommon or disdained school names. Sometimes this is common, especially with diploma mills, who make provide fake degrees from schools whose negative reputation, in time, usually gets around sending red flags when such schools are listed on resumes. For instance, "Enterprise High School Online" was shut down in 2015 and now many jobs ignore candidates who claim to have a degree from this particular school.

How to Buy Fake Associate Degrees

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Making sure to find a print shop willing to use real names, accurate templates, and more is critical. Although there are a few shops capable of doing this, finding one with helpful support and willing to back their products with a strong warranty is crucial.

Another big thing to think about is proofing. This lets you check the work by a print shop before it ships out. You can make sure gradation dates are correct, names are listed properly, etc.

Most fake associate degrees are produced in as little as a few hours and can ship the same day. Often a package can arrive in your hands by the following business day, depending on where in the world it is going. For those in a bigger hurry, you can ask about digital copies which eliminate shipping providing a true same day experience.

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