Why a college education is crucial in today's economic climate

As we look for college diplomas that will give us the edge in the job market or degrees that will pay the best, understanding the importance of a college education in today's economic climate is important.

During the time students spend at high school, they begin to question the importance of a college education. Sometimes students may ask themselves, “Should I care about going to college and if I do, what will it offer me?” Although many circumstances - some of which personal - will ultimately determine how you handle your academic future, there is no doubt that a college education offers numerous benefits to those who take part in it. The fact is, somebody with a college education is more likely to a land a job over somebody who lacks one. That is because more and more employers are searching for college educated employees to fill their positions. In fact, some studies show that even though you won't necessarily be jobless with a high school education, college graduates earning jobs has risen by 5 million positions since 2008. At the same time, those with a high school diploma have found far less opportunities.

So what is it about an education from a college or university that could give me an edge during career advancements?

The reason why these numbers appear as they do is because of opportunity. Even though your parents may tell you about how they did not attend college and still found a great paying job, these days high school graduates are unable to find the same level of positions that their parents once found. This is because in the United States our economy has shifted from a once manufacturing based economy to now a more knowledge based one.

This being said, a well paying job working at a factory is a thing of the past. These days most factory jobs have shifted overseas and/or done by machines. The fact is, the importance of a high school diploma years ago is not the same as it is today. A high school education is simply a stepping stone to a college education which provides the student with the necessary tools and resources to make it in today's job market. There are multiple other reasons why it's important to graduation from college. When students attend a higher education institute, they have a chance to learn from some of the greatest minds in their chosen field. This stimulates the students to appreciate the subject matter taught. Have you ever had teacher who was passionate about something and in the end, you ended up loving the subject as much as they did? There is good reason for that and it's why so many students who seek employment after college stand out to companies because of the passion and understanding they show for the position in need.

Another great benefit of a college education is making connections. The more people you meet who may or may not know somebody at a particular company, the better chance you have of landing an interview or position after school. Often in high school you aren't connected with people who can help you after graduation. In college that all changes, since many companies get involved with colleges and universities as a way to better understand the talent coming through and finding people like yourself to fill their needs.

With that being said, why is a college education important? Of course, the reasoning should not simply come down to whether or not you can land a job by graduating from college. Having a rock solid education from a college or university offers many other benefits, and while many high school students may strive towards a diploma from a higher education institute, what is often unclear is if they can afford it and pay off their student loans.