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Fake Certificates

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As the leading site for custom novelty documents, we get many customers coming to us looking to buy more than just diplomas and transcripts. That is why we are pleased to offer custom-printed fake certificates and novelty certifications, including many popular favorites such as certificates of birth, certificates of marriage, TESOL degrees, and more.

If you have landed on this page from please be aware that site is no longer operational and all of it's traffic is now going here to Diploma Company. If you have specific questions related to that site, please contact us directly. We look forward to servicing your novelty certificate needs.

We have noticed a growing trend as more and more people studying for their certificates use replacement diplomas to inspire themselves toward earning the real thing. The documents we create can provide inspiration and motivation.

People who may have misplaced a certification find that novelty certificates make convenient replacements, as compared with trying to get them directly from the schools. Others who still have their certificate, but fear they may lose it one day and won’t be able to replace it, can buy a replica certificate or degree to keep the original in safekeeping.

There is still the intended aspect of these documents, as somebody who simply may want to fool a friend into thinking they are a genius with a IQ test certificate or a gym buff who might want to fool others with a personal trainer certificate can find a use for these particular products sold through our site. In the end, a novelty is only valuable if the item is realistic enough to give pause to those they show it to. Fortunately, our high-quality fake certificates make this possible.

A supplier like us is able to achieve this because we have spent years collecting and studying copies of actual certifications handed out by institutes. We then recreate these as original layouts, which give us the capability to produce novelty certificates and diplomas that capture the look and feel of authentic documents. This is a benefit unseen in a number of other suppliers with limited resources.

How to Buy Fake Certificates?

Purchasing such items through Diploma Company is very simple. Customers merely need to select their favorite item and answer a few simple details that provide names and dates. That information is then used to produce the document, package it up, and ship it out. If you would like, you can also request a sample of the document to examine before it ships. This low-pressure approach to buying has helped make us a leading supplier of documents.

What if I don’t see the fake certificate that I want? Simply reach out to us by giving us a call, chatting live, or emailing our customer support department. We are here to help you buy quality replica certificates.

"I got a novelty marriage certificate back in June for my mother and her partner! She has it hung up in their home and they both love it. I likely could have found something for less but the quality would not have been there.

Stacey Bowman

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