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About Our Certificates

High Quality Fake Certificates! Realistic Designs that Ship Fast! True Novelty Certifications!

One of the most highly demanded novelty products on the market today are fake certificates. We Diploma Company we know this. That is why we go out of our way to stock original templates of actual certifications. These templates are what allow us to produce custom-printed certificates! Buy high quality realistic favorites like fake BTEC certificates, fake birth certificates, fake marriage certificates and more. Each document we create captures the layout and structure of real ones!.

These products make great replacements for lost or damaged documents. If you lost or damaged an old one, getting a second copy made is not easy. Luckily, we may of help. Others order these items because they want to trick somebody like an old friend. Imagine somebody who couldn't get their real certificate, the joy this would bring? Others them as a personal esteem boost, to lift their spirits or entourage graduation

We know what regardless of why you want a fake certificate, quality is the most important to you! This is why we put so much focus on replicating items and making realistic replications.

What if I don’t see certificate that I am looking for? In some cases people use the term "certificate" when referring to a "diploma", so see our diplomas here. If you do need a specific certificate made, simply reach out to us by giving us a call at 866-687-5403, chat live with a rep, or send an email to our support department. We will see what we can do for you.

What information do you need, from me, in order to buy fake certificates?

We really go out of our way to make the buying process easy for our customers. Because we know what most certificates look like, we only ask a few important questions.

First, make sure you choose the type of certificate you want above. Next, on the order form for your product, we will details such as names and dates you want displayed! This information will be used to personalize your document and make it look more authentic.

When our staff is ready to create your order, your details, type of certificate you are requesting etc., are all taken into consideration to ensure a high quality fake is produced! Once everything is finalized and approved, your custom document is securely packaged up and shipped from our warehouse. You will be informed of everything from start to finish, via email, as we make your fake certificate.

More information about buying each type of certificate is available on each unique product page. Make sure to choose an item from the list above for more details.