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Many customers looking to purchase a fake GED, hear about score sheets and have many questions. First, a score sheet is what displays scores for all parts of the test including Math and English. A fake ged score sheet will simply show how good (or bad) you did on each part of the test.

Why Do Most People Buy These GED Score Sheets?

While the majority of customers purchase one of our score sheets to replace a lost or damaged documents, that isn't always the case for others. Some buy them to boost their self esteem and help push themselves to their goals. Others may want to fool a friend who has a real score sheet with fake test results to impress them! Regardless of why you want one, we know that quality matters which is why we put so much focus into making the best product possible.

What Does a Fake GED Score Sheet Feature?

  •   Formatted From a Real Score Sheet!
  •   Printed on security paper!
  •   Fake GED Test Scores
  •   Student Details & Testing Center Info
  •   Says "COPY" or "VOID" when photocopied like real transcripts!
  •   Embossed with "Registrar" Stamp!

Fake GED Transcripts Reviews

Category Review

  • Very pleased | Review by Jimmie Ortega
    Very pleased with how trnascripts came out with ged documents
  • Came Today! | Review by Jesse Carroll
    The package came today and drive just dropped it off. They look great.
  • Paper is nice | Review by Candace Aguilar
    Not sure where you guys got the paper from with my transcript, but I am very pleased with the quality of it. I was shocking my wife how it had the watermarks when photocopied. PRETTY AWESOME.
  • Leaving my Review | Review by Bernadette Luna

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