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None of our documents grant anybody a degree status. It's important to keep that mind that these items are novelties. Yes, they are very realistic, but we are not a school issuing anything official. They are very detailed high school replicas. They make great personal replacements or documents to fool a friend with.

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To get started, choose one of our high school diploma options this . Our choices are above. Currently, we offer both USA and Canada diplomas. Each order form will collect specific details about the school you want, your name, and more. Once all your details are submitted and the order, if final, our staff gets to work fulfilling your request.

If you are considering a hs diploma today, check out our fake high school transcripts too. We may even want to package up both documents. This is what a combo package is. It's a diploma and matching transcript together. See our fake high school diploma and transcripts page to see how getting both documents together could save you 20%!