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Fake High School Diplomas

Premium Fake High School Diplomas! All 50 States and Canada! Realistic Layouts!

replica layouts of fake high school diplomas for all 50 states plus canada

One of the most popular types of diplomas that you will find offered on the internet are fake high school diplomas. Created from actual student issued diplomas at local area high schools, these replications are personalzied with names and dates provided by each customer when placing an order. The overall realistic look that they present is because of the fact that they capture the actual layout and structure of real diplomas, making them great replacements for diplomas that may have been lost or as a way to fool others into thinking you actually earned a real high school degree with a premium fake.

Buy Fake High School Diplomas

When it comes to buying phony high school documents, Diploma Company really simplfies the process. First, you need to decide whether you want a fake high school from Canada or a fake high school diploma from the United States. We currently stock a wide variety of orginal high school templates that were created from actual diplomas issued by different schools (some private, some public) in a wide vareity of cities and from various graduating classes, allowing us to replica diplomas for people of all ages.

Once you place an order through our site and provide us with all the necessary information we need, our production team gets to work producing your custom document. The appropriate layout that we have assigned for your school is used during the production process, to ensure strict quality standards are met. Once the template has been personalized, the item is then sent to our printing team where it is produced onto professional grade diploma paper, has high quality fake diploma seals applied to it, and it is then securely packaged up for shipping and is sent out.

The following details should be known before ordering to ensure the item is properly personalized.

  1. Student's name. You can put your own name, the name of a friend, or a made-up name. BUT a name has to be given. This applies to all high school products including diplomas and transcripts.
  2. The name of the school. You can request your school name in the ordering form, so we can be sure we use the best template for you based upon what you want. If you want us to pick a school, you can give us specific details like a location and in the notes, ask us to provide you with a document we seem to be the best fit.
  3. Date of graduation. This includes the date you want to show you graduated. We know this dates change from area to area and sometimes people forget what dates they once had. If you know what date you want, add it. Otherwise, give us a year and leave the rest blank and we can often research graduation dates for the diploma you want made. 


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Christopher Mccurdy

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