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Premium Fake Transcripts! Real Classes! Detailed Coursework!

Realistic High Quality Custom Novelty Academic Transcripts?

What are fake transcripts? Very similar looking to what a school's registrar office may hand out to a student, realistic transcripts showcase a list of classes that relate to a particular degree and major along with final scores earned for each course or class. offers very genuine-looking product options which are 100% custom created using one of our own original layouts that were replicated from common academic record documents issued by popular schools.


Novelty Transcripts start with customization options to enhance it's realism.

99.9% of the transcripts that produces are designed and created using original transcript templates, which we have made and designed after actual academic transcripts handed out at common high schools and colleges around the world. These layouts ensure that your transcript fakes will feature many of the common features found on real ones, but with your personal details, such as a student id number (you can use random computer generated ids that we produce or submit your own), student's date of birth and more. Each final document features coursework that we stock for a many academic studies The final product is a high quality fake that has been known to impress just about anybody, including former graduates.

We stock all kinds of security paper types and templates for different academic levels.

Once each document is printed off on security transcript paper, we can add extras including security holograms and transcript keys which go over how grading works for the school. Depending on the transcript you are ordering and what is best suited for it, depends on whether these extras are applied to your document.

How to Buy Fake Transcripts?

Choose from our options of ged, high school, or college level transcripts. We have a collection of standard coursework that matches popular options - but you can also upgrade to custom coursework where you can provide specific academic details for your personalzied document. The website will walk you through the entire buying process by explaining each option necessary in order for us to produce your fake transcript today.

"I usually don't write a lot of reviews but I've read so much about Diploma Company online, that I thought it was fair. I purchased a set of novelty transcripts from your site back in May and the attention to detail was much better than the same product I ordered on another site. The classes you guys use, even the basic stuff, is very close to what is common on most academic transcripts.!

Connie Resler

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