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  1. How to obtain Lost Transcripts from School

    Transcripts are academic records that provide details on time spent at a school including what classes were taken, what grades you earned for each and whether a degree was completed. Like most documents they can often get filed away and left in dusty boxes easily forgotten about. When this happens former students consider ways to obtain copies of their lost transcripts.

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  2. How Novelty Diplomas Make Heartfelt Gags

    My father Leon Philips attended a college in Brisbane nearly fifty years ago. Due to personal struggles he was forced to drop out of school and the decision has always hunted him. Even though he went on to have a successful career, for his 70th birthday I decided to surprise him with something he’d never expect… a college diploma in the form of a novelty college degree. It was the ultimate heartfelt gag.

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  3. Featured Fake Diploma Designer Interview: Melissa

    When you decide to start design and manufacture fake diplomas for a living, there isn’t a how to guide making the steps to success much easier. Most people are introduced to the career and learn as they go along.

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  4. Fake Sydney Diplomas and Transcripts

    Maybe you've spotted a fake diploma in a movie you've seen? Maybe you've heard stories about a struggling graduate who was inspired to get her real degree through the power of a novelty? There are many reasons why people use fake diplomas.

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  5. Fake Diplomas Starring as Movie & TV Show Props!

    What would Back to the Future be without the Delorian or Crocodile Dunee without his hat? Props used on set can help set the scene and bring a character to life. Fake diplomas used on the sets of your favorite movies and tv shows is really no different.

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  6. Fake Melbourne Diplomas and Transcripts

    These days people are spotting fake diplomas everywhere. People see them in their favorite movies. Maybe you've also heard stories about a graduates struggling to pass classes and yet inspired to get a real degree through the power of a novelty? There are many reasons why people use fake diplomas.

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  7. What to look for in a trustworthy fake diploma supplier?

    A few months back Madeleine Davies graduated from a university in Melbourne. Her parents had planned to throw a big graduation party and a few relatives wanted to take photos of Madeleine in her cap and gown, holding her new brand new diploma.

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  8. What is a Fake Honorary Degree?

    What is an Honorary Degree?

    Sometimes referred to a master’s degree or a doctorate, this is a type of degree that is awarded after waiving typical requirements like a residence or dissertation. The degree is often seen as a way to honor one's contributions to a specific field or to society as a whole.

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  9. Now Accepting Cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin!

    Looking to buy fake diplomas this ? Diploma Company is pleased to announce that it accepts popular crypto currencies like BitCoin and LiteCoin for it's customers.

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  10. Fake Bachelors Degree from Australia

    What is a Bachelor's Degree?

    They provide initial preparation for professional careers and postgraduate studies and involve a minimum of three years of study time. There is also a bachelor's degree honours that are awarded based on academic achievements and can add an additional year to your studies.

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