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For any individual, academic certificates hold a vital part in their lives. These certificates and documents act as a gateway to their professional career as well as their advanced studies. From your birth certificate to other educational documents, these official papers become your lifesavers in the end. Some students opt for fake degrees as a means to skip an academic level and continue with a career of their choice. The reason to go for novelty degrees is that they were unable to complete their studies due to any professional or personal basis. Students find it hard to find a reliable source for fake documents, as tons of services present claim to offer verified papers.

To make matters easier for buyers, we have a few points to consider before making any purchase. These points will help you purchase from a reliable source and avoid any scammers.

Points to Consider

Always Consider Reviews

Whenever you come across a fake degree service website, be sure to visit their reviews page. The reason for visiting is that you will find viable information from the past client about the quality of service. Previous clients who have experience of their service will give you exact information as to whether the company is trustworthy. Positive reviews will provide a good indication while negative reviews will need thorough reading to make sure that you have taken the best decision.

Check for Authenticity of Details

While you have researched tirelessly for a reliable fake degree service and may have come across a few reputed companies, the information provided on the front may not be a full insight into their services. While shortlisting services do take some time and read about us, privacy policy, delivery and revision policies to have a clear idea about the process. The about us page will tell you about the company working and their industry experience. The privacy policy will give you details about the use of personal information whether they will ask your consent to use it elsewhere. Similarly, delivery and revision policies inform you about the delivery process and tracking details as well as the procedure of revision in case of any discrepancy. While reading through all the content may look time-consuming, it will save you quite much and help you separate an average company from a reliable one.

Verification Services

Ensure that the company you choose has all the necessary processes to undertake verification during the process. The verification should be a part of the service process to ensure that the details provided on the fake degree is as authentic as possible. With confirmation, the information provides on a document will also come out the way it should in a proper manner.

Terms and Conditions

Terms and conditions, just like any other page, hold valuable information about the working process of a service provider. The T&C page will tell you about the operational criteria as well as various conditions during and after-sales. In the fake degree industry, scammers use information that readers usually neglect and then refuse refunds or revisions based on their terms. As a buyer, your priority is to read all the information carefully and then match that information with the one provided by a salesperson. You will immediately capture any red flag detail in you have an overview of the terms they have on their page. Changes in information will give you an indication that the service has grey areas, and you should avoid further communication with them.

Identifying Fake Degree

  • Check the designs provided in samples and compare them with the designs of an original degree issued by an institution. You need a degree that looks real, and hence the design layout has to match a real degree. Most companies use the same format and try to pass it on as authentic so be aware of such services
  • Along with the design, check for the font used on a fake degree. Latin font and language is a red flag as universities all over the world have stopped using Latin on their academic documents
  • Check for embossed seals and signatures in ink. You want your degree to look real and not like a copy printed from a home printer and check for location details of institution name provided on a document. Reliable companies use real institution names and not any made-up university the does not exist

You can take help from all these above guidelines and approach a reliable company with ease.