man caught for buying fake diplomas but are they legal or illegal

It’s very common for articles you spot online to jump to conclusions when it comes to subject matters they know nothing about. The legality of fake diplomas is certainly one of these subjects.

As a customer it’s very confusing because you will read articles that state, “all fake diplomas are illegal”. And then you will read a story about a company offering fake diplomas and the article states everything the business does is legal.

We wanted to discuss some of these concerns with buyers as we feel this issue is completely misunderstood.

Is Buying a Fake Diploma Illegal?

The short answer is “no, it is not illegal” but since there are many variations of fakes it can be a complicated situation. People will hear phony stories online about how somebody was arrested for buying a diploma online. Not a single one of these stories has ever been fact checked. The truth is, buying a novelty document to hang up on your wall, show off to a friend and basically use for personal and entertainment purposes is 100% legal. Other uses may not be, but the process of buying the document and having it shipped to your home is not a crime.

Where this question gets muddy is when we start to talk about a diploma or degree mill. There mills out there which are basically issuing diplomas that they verify and authenticate helping individuals land jobs they are not qualified for. A novelty diploma company such as Diploma Company is not a mill. They are not issuing diplomas or granting degrees, contrary to what some uninformed individuals may want to believe. Buying a custom document such as a fake college degree from a site like this is legal when used as recommended.

The misconception of fake diplomas from mills and novelty diplomas from a professional printing company gives our entire industry a bad reputation. There are many legitimate reasons why somebody would choose to buy a fake diploma and if used in those circumstances, the product is not illegal to buy.

Is Using a Fake Diploma Illegal?

person locked up in jail holding onto jailbarsperson locked up in jail holding onto jailbars

So we talked about buying on but now let’s discuss using. So in the case of our company, we offer our services as props, personal replacements, esteem boosters, and pretty much allow them for any sort of entertainment use. There is no crime in buying a piece of paper with your name on it. A crime could occur if you try to pass the novelty document off as an official document claiming it is legitimate. An example would be, you order a fake high school diploma and then use it by turning it into a job claiming it’s proof you graduated from school when you never really did. That would be a crime and illegal.

Although buying a fake diploma is no illegal, trying to pass them off as being “real” is. To buy a diploma and display it in your living room, use it as a prop, or as a gag with your friends is entirely legitimate and fine.

When you submit a fake to a school administrator or potential employer, you’re lying about your credentials, which is a form of fraud.

What are Fake Diploma Legal Uses?

custom happy with recent realistic fake diploma purchasecustom happy with recent realistic fake diploma purchase

Not everybody thinks about getting a product like this because they plan to lie their way into a great school or awesome new job. Sometimes people feel insecure or they lose their diploma or they need somebody for a presentation and these are all valid reasons. As we have started before there are legitimate reasons to invest in products such as these which includes:

  • To replace an old diploma and bring back memories of the diploma you once had. The reason is that people can and do lose diplomas. I know what you are thinking, “so call the school district and request a replacement!” Not so fast. Replacements from institutes can sometimes take weeks or months to get (some schools don't even offer them in order to cut costs or because the school may have closed). If you’re willing to accept the differences (due to copyright and infringement restrictions the printer must abide by) between the actual diploma and a fake version, a fake which can be rushed to your doorstep may be a good choice for you.
  • Used as props. As a printing company, we print diplomas for Hollywood movies and tv shows. That is true. Other times people may need a prop for a presentation they are putting together or maybe a YouTube video they are filming. The quality has to be there because the diploma has to look realistic and a company like this can achieve that while staying within any sort of limitations.
  • As a way to boost one’ reputation. Consider a struggling graduate. Somebody having a hard time passing a class and and their friend buys them a fake. They see their name on a diploma and it pushes them to try hard and earn their degree. There have been several situations over the years where novelty diplomas has helped people boost their ego and get their life in order.

As a manufacturer or printing company, there are ways that we risk getting into trouble. Let’s say we were to take a transcript and forge grades or alter an official academic record so that you would get credits for courses you never earned. Providing such services would be illegal but it is not a service we provide.

My Own Thoughts on the Legality of Fake Diplomas Online

At the end of the day we realize there are people out there who feel robbed in life. Maybe they went to school and couldn’t graduate and they despise the current education system and looking for a shortcut? They consider an item like this to be a ticket, a ticket to a better life. Maybe they feel ridiculed by family and friends for not having a degree?

When people feel trapped and their frustration grows, they tend to lash out and make rash decisions that could land them in hot water.

There was an Australian woman named Veronica who lied about credentials to land a position and was jailed for it. The story has made major headlines worldwide.

From everything we have read the diploma turned in was provided by a mill which again is illegal and not a service provided by a novelty diploma shop.

The point is to submit such a document and try to pass it off as proof that your qualified for a job or have the accreditation to attend a school, can bring up legal charges, if you are able to temporarily convince somebody that the item is legitimate.

Most employers will verify one’s background and the truth that exists is the truth that will come out in the end. If you never graduated, people will see this. The person who submitted the document may be fired or maybe even worse.

Want to Buy Fake Diplomas the Right Way? Let’s Talk!

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