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Although rules may vary from state to state, there are generally two ways for earning a high school degree or equivalent. The first option is to earn a high school diploma. The other is to obtain a certificate. Certificates go by different names depending on where you're from. The most common is the completion certificate and the attendance certificate. In addition, some states offer more than one type of certificate.

You may have also heard about alternative diplomas, which states are allowed to offer under the Every Student Succeeds Act (ESSA). But this diploma is intended for the 1% of students who have severe learning problems. It is important to know that high school diplomas and certificates are very different from each other. Each can affect your child's future in different ways.

What is Required for High School Diploma

To earn a high school diploma, a student generally must take and pass with a C or higher in: English, Math, social studies, science, physical education, etc. The number and type of credits required vary by state. Some states also require a student to pass final exams to earn their diploma. It depends on the school and the state. Although requirements for a high school diploma vary from state to state, there are two types of students at the end of the year:

  • Students who meet all the requirements to graduate with a high school diploma
  • Students who have finished high school but did not meet all the requirements to graduate

Keep in mind, these requirements may change area to area. The rules may be different in Georgia or Virginia or Pennsylvania for example.

What is required for high school diploma in PA?

In order to graduate, students must accumulate a certain number of credits. For regular education students, the requirement is 24 credits. Two-year career and technical education students need 23 credits, while three-year career and technical education students must have 22 credits.

What do you need to get a high school diploma in Florida?

To graduate from high school, students must earn 24 credits and achieve a cumulative GPA of 2.0 or its equivalent; they must also take and pass the Grade 10 Florida Comprehensive Assessment Test (FCAT) in Reading and Mathematics, or attain concordant scores on either the SAT or ACT tests. To graduate with a standard high school diploma, students must earn 24 credits and have a 2.0.

What Are the Alternatives to a High School Diploma?

GED Diploma

This is the equivalent of a high school diploma. A GED diploma is accepted by the military, most universities within the United States and some even outside the United States, and by employers, as well. These are often called high school equivalency diplomas or adult high school diplomas.

Vocational Diploma

A diploma for students who have attained the technical skills necessary to perform a certain job.

Honors Diploma

A high school diploma for students who have taken and passed, or have six of the following: a specified number of credits of fine arts, social studies, science, math, world languages, a 3.5 out of 4.0 GPA, or scored 1280 or higher on the SAT, or scored a 27 or higher on the ACT.

Individualized Education Program (or special education) Diploma

This type of diploma is available to students with significant disabilities.

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