What to look for in a trustworthy fake diploma supplier?

A few months back Madeleine Davies graduated from a university in Melbourne. Her parents had planned to throw a big graduation party and a few relatives wanted to take photos of Madeleine in her cap and gown, holding her new brand new diploma.

There was just one problem… the school hadn’t shipped her new diploma yet.

Wanted to have something for photographs, she opted to order a personal replacement diploma online through website offering trustworthy fake diplomas.

A fake diploma is a diploma painstakingly replicated form an actual school’s diploma. The original template created from the actual diploma captures the layout, structure and format of the real diploma issued to students. The template allows the company to personalize the document with Madeleine's name, dates for graduation and more. In the end, a replication of a diploma that looks and feels authentic is shipped out and delivered to Madeleine 's home.

These documents are often sold as personal replacements until the real diploma comes, as props for movies, self esteem boosters etc. The companies are not selling or issuing degrees contrary to what advocacy groups and ill informed individuals may think. The service provided is a novelty service but regardless, the quality has to be there to justify the cost of the service and in most cases, the quality is as many are shocked at just how realistic looking a fake diploma can be.

Come on, can a fake really be that good?

Obviously, the answer is yes but it’s important to be smart when considering suppliers. The fact is you will hear stories all the time from people who purchased a replica diploma from a college in Sydney and then showed that diploma off to a former graduate. The graduate believed it was legit, no questions asked. When you find a supplier whose committed to quality and committed to capturing the layout and structure and format of these actual Australia diplomas the quality is certainly there.

I’m sure most people think if they show off their fake to somebody, they’ll get these award stares, as nobody would believe in a million years that the knockoff was legitimate. We know what you mean. We hear about people who try to show off some fakes only to be told, “wow that’s a cheap looking fake”. But truth be told, if your willing to spend the money on high quality replications, this is not going to be a problem. That is how confident I am in that.

The fact is, most people who graduate hang their diplomas on the wall or scan them and add them to their LinkedIn profiles. Many people are familiar with how a diploma should look even if they never graduated from that school. These days it’s getting harder and harder for suppliers who produce generic novelty diplomas to last as customers are demanding higher and higher quality.

As somebody who's been exposed to a number of different fakes floating around the internet, I’ve developed an eye for spotting poorly produced fakes. With that, I can honestly say that the replicas made by sites like Diploma Company are damn-near-close to perfectly authentic.

Choosing a Trusted Fake Diploma Shop to Buy From

As many people who learned hard lessons about making poor decisions when shopping online, being smart about buying fake diplomas is no different.

The biggest thing to consider is how does this site allow me to pay for my order. A lot of times consumers come across online shops that allow payments in the form of wire bank transfers of cash. Obviously none of these payment methods are 100% proof that you will get scammed but it leaves little to no pays to protect your money incase you are.

It is best to find a site that accepts credit card if possible because your money is protected in case things go south.

Other times communication is key. Try to find a site that allows you to communicate multiple ways. If you can speak to a real person over the phone that is always nice but if not, make sure they offer live chat live or email and communicate in a timely matter.

This being said, it’s important to recognize where the customer support staff works out of. Even if the site is open 24/7, the staff may only be around to answer questions and talk to you during certain hours of the workday. The may also not be in Australia and could be located across the world so recognized the hours of operation and a note of it. This way you don’t get frustrated when nobody is responding during that you feel is a normal time for you.

Make sure they are clear about the turnaround time frame

So you will hear a lot of horror stories about people who make a purchase for a fake diploma only to be told to wait and then wait some more. The company is trying to buy time as they are developing a way to scam you out of your money.

In most cases a diploma should shop in 24/48 business hours. Delays may occur when proofing your order or acts of nature prevent the package from leaving.

Regardless a legit business should keep you updated during the production process informing you of any hiccups.

How can I buy safe fake diplomas online?

If you looking to buy a fake diploma, check out Diploma Company. We offer fast delivery to Australia, safe ways to pay online, and more. Our online store stays up all day and night but our support staff is here for you weekdays, 8 am to 11 am AEDT. You can call +61-280155665, live chat or email us. Our site offers a variety of 100% custom printed novelty documents that can be personalized with your details. We offer constant promotions and coupons. If you're looking for more details or a way to save, just reach out to us. Thank you again for visiting Diploma Company!