High School Diplomas and Transcripts

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Buy a Set of Fake High School Diplomas and Transcripts

If you're considering both a fake high school diploma and transcript, why not bundle both and save 20% this ? We offer sets for all 11 Canadian territories and every U.S. state! This means we can replicate a diploma or create a realistic transcript from New York, Texas, Toronto, Vancouver, etc. We fulfill every request as they come in. Let's say you want a set from a high school dated in the 90s from, for example, Oak Grove School District? We'd access the Oak Grove templates from that year, ensuring the highest-quality prints on both the diploma and transcript. We use nothing generic. It's only the best.

About the Diploma:

  • All the layouts we use capture the true format and structure of real high school diplomas! With a vast number of templates available to our designers, we can ensure you a replica few other shops can match.
  • The diploma is printed on high-quality parchment paper with the proper weight and colour.
  • To ensure better matches with the real thing, our shop can add shiny gold seals and/or raised printing when necessary.
  • All requests for diplomas are 100% personalized with your details and dates.

About the Transcript:

  • Provides an authentic-like high school transcript for novelty or personal backup use.
  • Printed on special paper to prevent copying, with unique fibers for security.
  • You request a specific grade average.
  • Includes your personal details and high school information.
  • When copied or scanned, it shows a "COPY" watermark.
  • Features an official-looking stamp, adding to its authenticity.

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Although you can certainly purchase our high school diploma or transcript separately, opting for a package offers an incredible deal. By bundling these documents, you not only save our design team time but also benefit from cost savings passed directly on to you. Interested? Explore one of our package options today. Remember, both of these documents are 100% custom-made to order, come with a proof to review our work before it leaves the shop at no extra cost to you, and are backed by our 90-day satisfaction guarantee. If you need any assistance, please don't hesitate to call or chat with us during support hours. We appreciate you considering us and look forward to earning your business.
High School Diplomas and Transcripts