High School Diplomas

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When it comes to producing novelty items, like all of our fake diplomas , require a ton of effort by our designers and production crew. This is because it has taken us many years to collect a large number of diploma copies from high schools all over the USA and Canada. Our collection includes degrees from different years, different cities and towns, and so forth. We use this collection to recreate original templates, giving us the resources to replicate almost any high school diploma. Each item is carefully personalized with unique names and dates, making it feel like your own.

Imagine a high school graduate showing his fake to a friend who did graduate and the friend who knows his diploma well, believes it's 100% legit? This is the difference between the work we put out and many of our competitors that use in-house templates! Our fake high school diplomas make great personal replacements for lost or damaged degrees or as an amusing way to fool friends, coworkers and family.

What information do I need to purchase a fake high school diploma?

The first step is to know what school you want. We break down our options by country, offering you the ability to buy a fake degree from a high school in the states or in Canada. The choice is yours. From there, you will find our order form which will gather some specifics about the document you want made. First, confirm the school name and then your name as you want it to appear on the diploma and your graduation year. Once an order is submitted, our team is notified of the type of diploma you want, what school it is and what year you graduated. We use that data to sort through our list of original templates and find the best option based upon the school you are requesting and the listed graduation year. By using a specific template from a particular school and year, we can ensure high quality replications that match the look and feel of a diploma once issued to a former graduate at your particular high school.

What if I need transcripts too?

If you want transcripts, check out our fake high school transcripts or see our fake high school diploma and transcripts packages . Packages like these allow you to get both document together at a discount plus it saves on shipping since both items won't have to be shipped separately.

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