Disputing Payments/Credit Card Fraud

reason, we take fraud seriously. This includes customers who do not honor their payment and contact their bank about any charges before contacting us as the decision damages our reputation with our credit card processor.

I have concerns about a credit card charge from you.

Did you get a charge? Maybe you have questions about it? Maybe you don't recognize it and have concerns? No problem. When you get your bank statement and see a charge from us, there will be a local USA phone number to call our billing department at. There is also a special website on your statement too. The phone number and site will not be the same as , since we protect your privacy. Please call the phone number on your statement or email us through the special billing website to resolve any matters. We will issue refunds if resolutions can not be made. Our goal is to make every customer happy.

Please not that our billing department is not open 24/7, so if you write us or call us and leave a voicemail, we may not respond for up to 24 business hours. We typically work Monday thru Friday but are off week nights and weekends, so requests made after hours, will need to wait til we return.

What happens if I don't contact you, before notifying my bank about such charges?

Failure to contact our billing department first and any decisions to dispute or deny any charges with your bank before letting us resolve the matter first, will force us to enter your name, address and payment details into a national fraud prevention database. This database will warn other sellers, merchants or websites (like us) that you are known to scam businesses out of their money by stealing merchandise. The database may prevent you from being able to do business with other stores as they will see your name and address has been flagged. This is not something we like to do but must do, to show the credit card companies we are actively fighting against fraudulent customers such as yourself.

All of this is designed to protect our business and you!

At the end of the day, Diploma Company spends so much time trying to build trust with it's customers. We want you to be happy and will take care of you but you must give us the change to do so before resorting to your bank. If you plan to make your purchase and contact us with any problems, you have nothing to worry about.

This is no different than going into a store that posts a sign for potential shoplifters that reads, "if you steal, you will be prosecuted". Let's say that signed concerned you, so you asked the store's owner about the the sign and how he prosecutes people. Nobody would likely ask about that sign unless they intended on stealing something. The fact is, if this policy concerns you, we more than likely would not want to do business with you.

Wait... I still have questions about this fraud policy!

If you have concerns about this before or after ordering, please contact our customer support team by calling +61-280155665, by sending us an email or chatting live during normal support hours of M-F 10AM to 5PM EDT.