Editing Custom Transcript Files - Step-by-Step Guide

When you order fake transcripts from Diploma Company, we typically use our own coursework, covering a wide range of college majors and high school classes. However, you have the option to submit custom coursework. This allows you to specify exact classes, their order, and the grades you want displayed on the academic record we provide.

Two Ways to Provide Custom Coursework

Option 1: Submit a List

Provide us with a list of coursework. Our production team will arrange the classes, calculate the GPA if needed, ensuring accuracy and quality.

Option 2: Use a Word Template

We offer a Word .doc template of the transcript layout. Edit it yourself by adding classes, grades, and details. Save and return the revised file to us. This option saves costs and allows you control over the customization process.

Obtaining the Transcript Template File

When placing your order, request a proof. Mention your interest in the Word .doc template during communication with our designer. Once received, open and edit the file using Microsoft Word or alternatives like Google Docs or OpenOffice.

Need Help with the Transcript File?

Watch our instructional video featuring Benjamin, one of our designers, who explains editing the .doc file, semester breakdowns, and grade calculations.

Ready to Send Your Custom Transcript File?

Contact us via email to share your revised transcript file. Whether it’s for an existing order or a new one, we’ll apply your changes before printing on secure paper, adding necessary security features, and ensuring a professional finish.

Thank you for choosing Diploma Company for your transcript needs.