Fake Diploma Gallery

We are currently in the process of revamping our fake diploma gallery. We recently have big changes to our management crew, purchased all new high tech equipment, etc. This allows us the capability to do full embossed and raised prints; something no other site can do that this level! It's actually why we can promise the best satisfaction guarantee anywhere. Please excuse our delays in adding these images. The diploma gallery will grow throughout !

These images are not an admission that particular types of diplomas are printed and provided by DiplomaCompany.com. Our design staff simply wanted to challenge themselves and had some fun creating diplomas for the purposes of this gallery. These are not samples of actual documents offered by this website, nor are they samples of orders printed or provided for paying customers. All artwork is altered and since this gallery is simple used a reference, it falls under the right of fair use. Any concern can be addressed by contacting us directly.

What Goes into Amazing Gallery of Fake Diplomas?

Seeing images of custom diplomas and certificates that were printed by the designer team of respectable novelty document supplier can be pretty impressive. Images give you a chance to see what is possible when creative minds put a lot of energy and focus in producing the best looking phony diplomas possible. We invite you to check out this gallery today and give us your own thoughts and feedback.

How were these images made from start to finish?

For example, let's say the designer wanted create a fake college diploma from norway for this gallery? First they would get a hold of a real diploma and then study the layout and format. Next they would precisely replica each characteristic allowing them to produce a high quality fake version of the same document. Most of the challenges will take place when trying to recreate very detailed oriented objects such as the diploma's seal. We have a great interview with a a diploma designer at the office named Melissa who dives into her job and this process even more.

What to look for when studying these fake diploma photographs?

We know in a photo it can be hard to appreciate the finer details. Often things like seals or crests or emblems can be very basic and other times that can be extremely integral. When they are it can be difficult for some printing equipment to cleanly and clearly print off such detailed elements. The process can be even more difficult when consider raising or embossing such elements. For instance, many phony diploma sites will use embossing powders to create raised prints. With this method powders are applied to wet ink and then heated. As the powder gets hot, it melts and then hardens. The powder method can be messy and create lumps of ink preventing it from producing very detailed raised or embossed prints. Instead we use an additive printing process that creates super precise layered prints that no other site currently offers. The equipment is very high end requires a trained specialist, so be sure to ask us about availability prior to requesting such services.

upclose image of a George Brown College logo in full color on a custom made diploma
gold high school seal pressed into a foil and placed on a new diploma
upclose image of a California state seal in a shiny gold embossed raised finish on a diploma
University of Maryland school seal fully embossed and in rich colors on a custom diploma

Why are some elements hidden/blurred out?

When we made the gallery some of the designers used their own names or jokingly used the names or friends and family. After we took the photos, we didn't have permission to showcase those names or didn't want to ask, so we just blurred them out. Of course nothing we provide or ship is going to be blurred out like this. These are just images for your enjoyment.

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