Fake Diploma Seal & Emblem FAQ

There is a lot of misinformation out there about the quality of seals being offered by some providers. While some sites will claim they can do a raised seal, the limitations in their capabilities will greatly affect the overall quality of these seals. The quality of the seals used on Diploma Company Australia diplomas and degrees is unmatched.

Our design center and production facility has the necessary tools and resources to provide fully embossed seals in full color or raised in a multitude of colors and/or foil. There is a reason why we proudly call ourselves a diploma company and stand fully behind what we do. It has been an uphill battle for other companies to compete with us over the years....

Types of Seals & Emblems Commonly Used

One of the biggest differences you will find with ordering from us, is how we cut out the nonsense. Some many other sites will ask you, the buyer, what sort of seal you want on your diploma. The way we see it, as a diploma expert, we should know the answer to this question! At the end of the day, we know you want a fake diploma that looks real and it’s our job to deliver on that.

Because of this we keep our questions simple and ask what matters most. Our staff can then find the seal option that best suits your needs.

Why Not All Raised & Embossed Diploma Seals are Created Equally!

Most phony diploma sites create raised seals by using a very cost effective, but low quality solution. They first print out the seal using boring inkjet printer that anybody can buy. Then they sprinkle super fine embossing powder, a type of polymer available in a variety of colors, over the seal. After the excess is brushed over, heat is applied to the seal and as the power heats it is hardened which gives the finished seal a raised texture. There are two big issues with this method. For starters, it’s a time consuming yet cheap method that any amateur can achieve at their local arts and crafts store. Secondly, the power often drives up in clumps resulting in a very brittle looking seal.

So what makes a raised seal with Diploma Company Australia different? Our production facility uses several industry leading printers including one that uses an additive manufacturing process. The printer builds up precise layers of the seal or text creating the most precise, highest quality, seals and emblems that most other fake diploma providers could only dream about

This special method can be provided to many elements of the finished document including seals and/or text. There is extra time involved because unique print files created by our staff based on your requirements have to be prepared to run through the machine. Depending on the complexity of the item, the time of the delay may vary.

If you are interested in this service we suggest adding this option at checkout and our designer will contact you to discuss the possibilities, delays and any added cost. You will have the option to opt out at no additional charge.

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The gallery is a great way to get a general idea of what kind of seals and emblems may be possible on your document. Make sure to compare the seals you see in the photo, including how the gold shines, with actual documents from schools that you may have spotted in the past. Try to find differences although many people can not. A well made fake certificate should be visually close to what is handed out by schools to students.

Although there are a number of sites that produce fake diplomas, fake university degree and college diploma duplication services, you can read actual reviews from our customers to be sure you are making a wise investment by buying from us..