Fake Diploma Seals and Emblems

There is little that distinguishes a diploma as much as it’s seal. Often it’s the most colourful and noticeable element on the document. The team at Diploma Company has been perfecting it’s craft of diploma seals for 10+ years now. In that time, we’ve learned a lot. It’s why we give our designers access to many types of machines and tools when producing seals for diplomas and certificates. We only ask our design team to choose the best option, depending on what the client is requesting. The fact is, different documents showcase different types of seals. Knowing what type of best for what document is one thing. Knowing how to design and product that seal properly is another.

Below you will find complete details on the various types of seals we create. Each printing technique is explained in great detail. There are even a few samples of seals and emblems that we've created ourselves. Some were photographed from past orders and some our designers challenging their skill-set. Bare in mind, these images are only the tip of the iceberg as far as what is possible.

We Raised the Game on Seals

Over 80% of the seals we produce for diplomas at Diploma Company, feature raised seals. This is because more and more real diplomas are featuring these types of seals. It also means that we print a ton of them and have the process down to a science.

With this method, we print the seals layer by layer. As it builds up each layer, the seal comes to life. When finished, a diploma with a beautiful raised elements presents itself. This same technique is also used to emboss text on documents.

High quality fully embossed multi color seal on a university degree fake High quality fully embossed multi color seal on a university degree fake
Look at that detail! WOW!

Although we aren't the only print shop producing raised seals this , we have a BIG difference. Most other shops use embossing powder to recreate a similar look. They sprinkle it onto an ink-printed seal and then heat the powder, which mixes with the ink. The powder can raise or emboss the ink on a document as it dries. The problem is that such powders can rise unevenly and create a clumpy and flaky seal. True, the process is much cheaper, but if you compared a machine to applying powder by hand, you'd notice the improved craftsmanship a device offers a shop like ours. Side-by-side, the differences are extreme.

Producing documents with raised elements using our machine takes a lot of time. There is the time needed to graphically re-create the seal and prep the machine and time for the device to print all elements layer by layer. Thus, we limit the number of raised print requests we can accept daily. Make sure to submit your order quickly if raising the seal or embossing a document's text interests you.

Raised & Embossed Text!

upclose image of embossed and raised text on a diploma upclose image of embossed and raised text on a diploma
Feel the text come off the page! We can emboss any letter of your document.

Seals Deep in Layers

embossed seal on a fake Pennsylvania diploma embossed seal on a fake Pennsylvania diploma
Notice the paper behind layers of the seal. The attention to detail is breathtaking.

Combining Elements

embossed seal on a fake Missouri diploma embossed seal on a fake Missouri diploma
We can mix various techniques, including metallic gold foil and raised inks, onto the same seal.

Metallic Seals — The shiny gold standard

Seal featuring a gold metallic overlay finish Seal featuring a gold metallic overlay finish
Look how it shines against the light!

Seals on diplomas created with a shiny metallic finish are also common. They often come in either gold or silver. Red is an option, too. There is no better shop than ours to produce such a seal; we'll explain why below.

With this process, we first print any seals on the document using inks with heavy petroleum distillate. Then we place a thin layer of metallic foil over the seal or emblem. Then the diploma, with the foil, is run through a hot stamping machine. The machine heats the foil and melts it into the ink. In the end, elements of a shiny and smooth metallic finish appear on the document.

Metallic overlays like this need little setup. This makes the process faster than producing raised seals. Roughly 30% of the diplomas we make feature this kind of seal. It's very common on high school and secondary school diplomas. What's important to know is if the diploma you want has a metallic seal, we can recreate it. Rest assured that our shop has the tools to achieve this type of look.

Digital HD Printed Seals

Even in , some seals on diplomas don't lift off the page. Nothing is shiny, either. The text and seal are sometimes flat and dull. A lifeless seal may sound unappealing but don't be quick to judge. We can promise you any diploma we provide won't look like it came out of somebody's 1989 dot-matrix printer. It will be very sharp with deep rich colors, even if it has to remain flat.

The basic version of the diploma you want may feature printed seals. If this is the case, our designers suggest matching the seal type and sticking with the printed option. In the end, our goal is to make a diploma that looks real and matches up techniques on the actual certificate, whether we love or hate them. Yet, even simple documents can be beautiful.

We go the extra mile even with printed seals. They are printed on fine-tuned laser printers with oil-free polyester polymerization toner to maximize the overall print quality. It ensures smoother grades and precise color reproductions, creating stunning, professional-quality prints.

A little bit of this and that

A lot of diplomas aren't simply one type of seal. Instead, many are a combination of styles. For example, some seals can be part shiny metallic and part rich color ink. Some seals combine all three techniques, including metallic foil, raised ink, and flat colors.

college diploma featuring an embossed die-cast seal over a foil overlay college diploma featuring an embossed die-cast seal over a foil overlay

Let us pick the best seal choice

While some sites let customers choose what type of seal they want, we pick what seal we believe is best. If our data shows a printed seal is the appropriate option for a particular diploma, that is what we'll provide. If data supports raising a seal for your request, that is what we will create.

The goal is to take the guesswork out of deciding when ordering services. Buy our services today, and our design team will ensure they use the most appropriate seal type.

Remember that you can always get a free proof of your order. Proofs let you check over our work before it leaves the print shop. With this, you can take a sneak peak at the seal we plan on using. If you hate it, let us know, and we can swap it out then and there. If you choose to skip the proofing, don't worry. Even after your package arrives, we stand by everything we do as part of our risk-free guarantee.

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