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Do you have regional stores, and can I pay in other currencies?

We offer a network of stores allowing for unique shopping experiences for customers in the USA, Australia, Canada, or elsewhere. You are currently visiting our Australia store. To explore stores where you can pay in currencies other than AUD or experience a different local vibe, please check out the dropdown list of all our stores at the top.

How realistic will my document look?

Your document will be as realistic as legally allowed. Our team has spent years collecting real documents, studying their formats, and generating own own layouts that ensure our diplomas and transcripts resemble those from genuine high schools and colleges. We operate a professional print shop equipped with a variety of machinery tailored to different diploma types. For instance, some diplomas may utilize electrostatic digital printing, while others may use offset print techniques or thermal DOD. Each document is unique and requires specific equipment. We have received numerous rave reviews and back all our work with a three month satisfaction guarantee, a level of confidence rarely seen elsewhere. If we weren't absolutely sure you'd love our work, we wouldn't stand by it with such a strong warranty.

How do I know this site isn't a scam?

We understand the concerns you may have about this industry's reputation. Building trust hasn't been easy, but we've been working hard to change that since 2006, serving happy customers for over 10 years. To further build your trust, we back all that we do with one of the strongest and most straightforward risk-free guarantees there is. If we can't meet your expectations, we'll make it right. Feel free to contact us to speak with a real person about any concerns you may have.

Can I customize the design and content of my document?

Certainly! Our order forms collect the most basic information, like names and dates, to simplify the ordering process. If you have concerns about the final document, you can request a proof when placing an order. With a proof, our designer is available to show you a mock up of their work and discuss specific concerns or suggestions that you may have.

Is it legal to purchase fake diplomas and transcripts?

While it’s essential to clarify the term 'fake' in this context, it's illegal to obtain fraudulent documents from diploma mills. Diploma Company adheres to legal standards and does not offer such documents. Our services, although highly realistic, are for novelty and personal replacement purposes only, not for official use. Diploma Company is not an accredited institution, and our documents have no official value. The legal implications of using a custom document depend on your actions. Purchasing a novelty document for display is generally harmless, but you should research and understand the legal considerations in your jurisdiction. We cannot offer legal advice, so please conduct due diligence and comply with local laws. Use our documents responsibly and respect their intended purpose. If you have any questions or concerns, learn more about the legal and illegal uses of fake diplomas or contact us for further clarification.

How long does it take to receive my order?

All orders placed before 3 PM Eastern Daylight Time will ship out of our shop that day. When they leave, packages are sent off with your preferred shipping method. We offer everything from free U.S. ground shipping to express methods anywhere in the world. Potential delays may include special requests, proofing our work (more on that below), or acts of nature. If you were to order today, in the absolute worst-case scenario and to the furthest ends of the earth, the package would arrive no later than Jul 23. For more details, see our shipping and delivery page.

How much do your services cost?

The price of all diploma and transcript services is listed on our website. There may be additional fees for extra copies and upgraded printing techniques. The total price, including the document, all upgrades, and the shipping cost (if needed), is clearly displayed in your shopping cart at checkout. You will be aware of the entire cost before finalizing your order with us.

Can I see a sample of the document I want before I order it?

While we don't provide samples before payment due to liability reasons and to ensure serious inquiries, you can request a free proof of our work when ordering services such as fake diplomas or fake transcripts. This allows you to review the designer's work and approve it before it's printed, packaged, and shipped. We use an authorization process, not capturing funds until you're satisfied. If you love the proof, it ships. If not, the order can be canceled with no charge. Simply select the option to request a sample on any of our order forms. Although this service is free, it may delay the shipping process as we await your feedback.

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Glossary of Terms

  • Diploma: Formal document awarded by an educational institution upon completion of a program of study.
  • Degree: Academic title conferred upon completion of a specific program of study, typically at the undergraduate or graduate level.
  • Date of Graduation: The date on which a student officially completes all requirements for a degree and is awarded the diploma.
  • Date of Passing: The date on which a student completes all requirements for a course or program and is considered to have successfully passed.
  • Major: Primary field of study chosen by a student, leading to specialized knowledge and skills in a particular area.
  • Minor: Secondary field of study chosen by a student, providing additional expertise alongside the major.
  • GPA: Grade Point Average, a numerical representation of a student's academic performance, calculated by averaging the grades received in all courses.
  • Honors: Distinctions awarded to students for outstanding academic achievement, often based on GPA or other criteria.
  • Graduate: A student who has completed all requirements for a degree and has been awarded the diploma.
  • Undergraduate: A student pursuing a bachelor's degree or other first degree, typically after completing secondary education.