How to Submit Custom Coursework

One of our most popular upgrades is requesting custom coursework for high school and college transcripts. We know how important it is that your transcript contains the proper classes so that it looks as authentic as possible. Fortunately, Diploma Company stocks coursework for a variety of top degree and majors, including many popular favourites . This coursework list features common classes for these specific degrees. We can't guarantee that the list will contain the exact classes found at a school offering such a degree.

For the majority of customers, our common coursework option is fine and works out well for them because the coursework relates enough to the degree in question. For others who want specific classes, in a special order with certain grades for each class, upgrading to custom coursework is a must.

What exactly is custom coursework?

This is where we will take specific coursework that you provide and then include it onto your set of custom academic transcripts. With this option, you provide us a list of coursework and you may be as detailed as you'd like. You can say what classes you want to show in what semester, grades for each class and more. An example of this may be:

Summer 2015

This would tell us that you want a class in Summer of 2015 titled, "Introduction to English", with a class code of "ENG 101". This also tells us that this particular class is worth three credits and you want to say you earned all three credits but got a 3.5 out of 4.0 grade for the class.

Now the coursework list you submit can be as detailed as you want! You may choose to leave out a final grade for each class or not say how many credits a particular course is worth. If you do so, our designers will use their own discretion when creating your custom transcript and use credits and grades that they deem appropriate. Any adjustments or changes made later due in part to a lack of specifics on your part, may result in additional fees.

How do I request custom coursework?

When order fake transcripts online, there is an option to upgrade to custom coursework. Once we see you have paid for this service, you can upload a list of the coursework you want to use. If the staff has not gotten this list from you, they may later reach out to you through our ticket support system requesting these classes again.

What format should the coursework be in?

We need to have all of your data in a clean, easy to read format. We recommend doing it in Notepad or sending a simple text file. This allows us to easily convert it to our software program that we use to produce these documents. If you provide coursework in another format such as a doc file or pdf file, there may be delays since we have to decode all of that information.

Will I get to see a sample before it ships?

We always send samples of custom coursework jobs we produce for our customers. This is because you must look over our work and approve it before it is printed off and shipped. Even if you did not initially request a sample of your order, you will be getting a proof of your transcript with custom coursework.

How long does it take to get samples sent to me?

Generally we will try to get coursework samples to you by the close of the business day. Please keep in mind that this does add to the work the designers must complete, so you can expect delays at times. We do realize how important it is that this document arrives on time, so we work quickly to ensure deadlines are met. If you are in an immediate hurry to get your package from us and want custom coursework, please speak to an agent to ensure such demands can be met.

What if I ordered standard coursework but decide I want custom coursework instead?

You would need to pay the difference by upgrading to the custom option. This option is only available to active orders that have yet to ship. Depending on the complexity of the job, we may be able to do this upgrade free of charge too. Please reach out to an agent and explain your situation. Chat live, email us, or call +61-280155665. Our offices are open weekdays, 8 am to 11 am AEDT.