Enhance Your Transcript with Custom Coursework

Upgrade your transcript with specific classes, tailored to your needs. At Diploma Company, we offer a variety of degree majors and high school programs, but we also cater to customers wanting detailed customised records.

What is Custom Coursework?

Custom coursework allows you to specify every detail of your transcript:

  • Course names
  • Semesters
  • Grades
  • Credits

For example:

  • Summer 2015
    • ENG 101: Introduction to English — Credits: 3.0 — Grade: 3.5

Provide as much detail as you want. If you omit details, our designers will fill in the gaps, but any later changes due to missing specifics may incur additional fees.

How to Request Custom Coursework

  • Select the Upgrade: When ordering high school transcripts or college transcripts, choose the custom coursework option.
  • Upload Your List: After placing your order, upload your course list with desired specifics.
  • Editable File Option: If you prefer, a staff member can provide an editable file either before placing your order or during the proofing process. For instructions on how to edit this file, refer to our [ ].

Format Requirements

Submit your data in a clean, easy-to-read format (e.g., Notepad or a simple text file). Using formats like DOC or PDF may cause delays.

Proof Approval

You will receive a sample of your fake transcript with custom coursework or classes for approval before it’s printed and shipped, ensuring it meets your specifications.


We strive to send coursework samples by the end of the business day. However, if you need urgent processing, contact our support team to discuss expedited options.

Upgrading an Existing Order

If you decide to switch to custom coursework after placing an order, contact us to upgrade. We may charge little to no fees for slight adjustments. Depending on the complexity, three may be additional fees. Reach us via chat, email, or call +61 2 8249 9110 (weekdays, 8 am to 11 am AEDT).