What does this order status mean?

When ordering from our site, Diploma Company Australia will send occasional email alerts. These alerts let you know of your current order status. Theses statuses will inform you of where you are in the ordering process. Below is a chart which explains each status in greater detail. If you see a status change to your order, you can use the information below to make better sense of it.

  •   Order Received
  • This means that your order was successfully submitted through our website.
  •   In Production
  • If you see this, it means as you requested we sent you a proof to look over our work before it ships out. We need you to approve our work before it can ship out. This status means, we are still waiting on your approval. If you are unfamiliar with how the proofing process works, you can get details about order proofing here. If you need assistance, reach out to us.
  •   Order is being packaged
  • This means the order is approved, has been printed and it is ready to go out. We are now securely packaging it up to protect it in transit.
  •   Order Complete
  • This means the order has shipped out and it is on it's way to you! This status should also come with a tracking number to monitor the package from our warehouse to you.
  •   Order Flagged
  • This means we spotted problems with your order and need you to contact us right away! If you see this, please send us an email right away or call +61-280155665! Make sure to include your order number so we can quickly access your details.
  •   Suspected Credit Card Fraud
  • We take this very seriously. The bank is altering us that a fraudulent charge may have been made using your credit card. Please reach out to us to discuss this matter asap.

If you still need help with an order and have questions, please visit our support page for immediate assistance.

What is the current status of my order at Diploma Company Australia?

Please check your emails for your latest order statuses. You can also lookup your status using your order# and email address tracking your order here.