What does each order status mean?

From the designing of each document we provide to packaging up orders for delivery, Diploma Company keeps their customers in the loop every step of the way. As we fulfill each step in the process, we will update the status of your order, keeping you informed. Alerts about changing an order's status are sent over email whenever an update is submitted. Below we explain what each order status at DiplomaCompany.com means.

Order Received

This status means we have the order you placed in our shopping cart. Typically this status will soon switch to "into production" once we verify we have the necessary details to begin the process of fulfilling your request.

In Production

Great news! We've begun working on your order. The design team is likely gathering resources, making a plan, and starting the creation of your documents.

Sample Sent

If you requested to see proof of your order before it leaves, that is happening now. The designers have finished creating a mock-up and have sent you their work for your approval. Remember that the design team will not ship out the final print until we have your consent. Therefore, you must look over their work and get back to them.

All samples come from our ticket system. If you are having issues accessing the ticket, contact us and let us know asap.

Order is being packaged

This status means you approved the design team's sample or did not request a sample. Either way, the work is done, and it's ready to leave our shop. We're putting on the final touches, printing your order, and carefully packaging it up for transit. So it's time to get excited because your order will be shipping soon.

Order Complete

At this point, your package is no longer with Diploma Company. The order has left our print shop and has begun its journey on the way to you! Look out for a tracking number soon from FedEx or UPS, allowing you to monitor the package from our shop to your front door.

Order Flagged

Oh no! This status means that we spotted a problem with your order. Maybe you forgot to tell us what school you want? Perhaps a designer is confused about a special request you've made? Either way, we need to hear from you right away. So please email, chat, or call +61 2 8249 9110! Make sure to have your order number on hand, so we can quickly access your details.

Suspected Credit Card Fraud

We take fraud matters like this very seriously. In this case, the bank is altering us that your payment was reported as fraudulent or it's possibly fraudulent. Please reach out to us to discuss this matter asap.

How to check my Diploma Company order status?

You should be receiving email alerts with your latest order status. You can also look up your current status through our website using your order number and email address by tracking your order here. If you still need help, you can give us a call or chat live during regular support hours.