Top 8 Reasons People Buy Fake Diplomas

Maybe you're somebody who graduated from schools many years ago and still have their diploma with them. The diploma presents their time at school and the credentials that they earned.

So when somebody like you hears about a fake diploma, your first thought might be why would somebody want to buy such a document? You may wonder why don't they simply just attend a school and get their actual diploma? Is there a legit reason why somebody would want to spend their hard earned money on something that isn’t real?

The reasons why people buy fake diplomas might surprise you. Here are just some of the top reasons.

#1 To personally replace a lost or damaged diploma

It can get frustrating when you misplace something. Especially something that seems irreplaceable. That is the feeling that graduates go through when they misplace their diploma certificate. Maybe they moved around and lost a storage box or two? Maybe there was a food in their basement and they threw out damaged boxes not knowing their old diploma was in that box.

Some will argue that you ought to just call up a school and request a replacement. That’s easier said than done. Most will want you to go through lengthy checks and verification steps even if you just want something to hang up in your living room. If a personal replacement of the diploma that can be delivered to your doorstep in a matter of days appears to you, a fake diploma may be worth buying.

A fake diploma can offer a replacement solution for many that is beneficial. There are also some Canadian schools that do not offer replacements of old diplomas because they only print one diploma per student per graduation. Once the diploma is lost or damaged, your out of luck. For those folks personal replacements through sites like Diploma Company are extremely beneficial.

#2 Your struggling, about to graduate and need a push

Attending a college or university can be a daunting task. For many the idea of dropping out is a question that they ponder many times during their time in school. For some motivation can play a huge factor in encouraging students to keep going, keep trying as they push themselves towards the goal of having a college degree.

Over the years, we have seen many parents and friends purchase fake diplomas from online shops as a way to boost the esteem of graduates. Seeing a novelty document with their name on it, the name of their favorite school and the potential dates for graduation can help them achieve goals they struggle to reach.

As a form or encouragement, a fake can be provide some powerful inspiration.

#3 It’s a Great Way to Make the Haters and Naysayers Shut Up

In life we encourage people who constantly brag about their accomplishments. They remind us how they have things we don’t have. One of those may be having a diploma when they don’t have one. Sometimes people with a diploma from a college will tease those without one and constantly remind them how their more superior than them. Some may find no issue with them. Others may find it demeaning and look for ways to stop the harassment.

While many would argue it’s best to be yourself and not let others push you around, the reality is it can be hard to deal with.

If having a diploma hanging up in your home or office makes you feel better about yourself and stops people from pushing you around, maybe you ought to consider getting on too.

#4 Showing price for School You Love

These days people wear jackets and hats, rooting on their favorite college team. While many believe all of these people are alumni, it’s not always the case. Often people are just fans of the school’s baseball or basketball team or just love the school because it’s local or maybe their parents attended the school themselves years prior.

Sometimes fans of a particular school will buy a fake college diploma from that school. For example, a fan of a university in Vancouver may want a fake diploma from Vancouver! When they see their name on the realistic phony document, they often feel like they are apart of the school. Call them a fanatic. Call them what you want.

People buy fake diplomas from the schools they are fans of. They hang them on the wall like honourary degrees.

#5 As a movie prop

One of the biggest buyers of fake diplomas are production studios making some of your favorite movies and tv shows. Custom diplomas are often used as movie and show props to help sell a scene. Whether it’s a movie featuring a college graduation that takes place or a scene with an office needs a diploma on the wall, studios turn to such online providers.

Since a well made fake diploma captures many of the characteristics and elements of the real diploma, movies and films wanting to be ensured their fake looks legitimate spends a bit more to make sure a professional print shop like dc ca makes them.

#6 A temporary diploma til the real diploma comes

After graduation it can take school weeks or months to ship a diploma to your door. For those unwilling to wait and willing to accept a temporary replacement, a fake diploma can provide a solution.

Maybe you have friends showing up, ready to help you celebrate your graduation now and you need a temporary stand-in for photos with family members etc. A fake that captures the layout and structure of what the school will send is a passable solution for the time being.

#8 As an awesome gag gift

A lot of people have folks in their life constantly bragging about accomplishment you know they never did. Maybe you talked about going on a hike one time and they told you how they once climbed the largest mountain in the world. You laughed because you know he’s somebody who has to constantly one up the people around him and you know deep down that’s totally full of it.

Maybe for his birthday you get the know-it-all a diploma from Mountain University in Extreme Hiking. Just make sure all the people he grabs about hiking there are ready for a good laugh.

Ready to Buy Fake Diplomas from High Schools and Colleges Yourself?

So if you’ve considered why people buy items such as these, we hope this article give you a better understanding now. It’s important to know that fake diplomas we sell are altered due to regulations and legal limitations but the items are designed to look and feel realistic, making it something you’d be proud to own.

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