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Since we launched way back in 2007, we’ve continued to offer the best fake diplomas and transcripts from colleges and universities. We stand behind our superior products and the best customer support in the business.

Whether you’ve trying to fool a friend with a set of realistic looking academic transcripts or boost your self-esteem with a high quality university degree fake, our packages are a great buy. These include a set of professional designed college transcripts along with a premium fake college diploma and degree. The transcript is adjusted to your preferred GPA or final score and features coursework that relate to a specific college or university degree and major.

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  • A college diploma purchase, such as the one you are buying in one of these packages, gives you exclusive access to our premium template database. Our database full of original templates, inspired by real diplomas, ensures the structure and former of the actual diploma is used. When you place an order, our staff is informed of exactly what you want and then they pull the best suited template we have on file. This attention to deal gives us a huge edge over competitors.
  • All of our custom transcripts are printed on security paper which feature benefits such as chemical tags, invisible threads, hidden messages and more. The words "COPY" or "VOID" also appear when scanned, just like a real transcript would do.
  • We customize the classes on your transcript so they reflect your preferred degree and major. Our designers stock a list of common classes that relate to a specific major and we can add these to your document. If you want specific classes, in a specific order, with specific grades, you can ask about a fully customize coursework option.
  • All scores listed on your final custom transcript are adjusted to reflect the final grade or GPA of your choice.
  • Each document is enhanced with the best seal choices and embossing possible along other artistic elements to enhance it's realism.
  • We can apply self destructing holograms to your custom college transcript document that self destruct upon removal. This feature is also sometimes common on real transcripts.
  • The back of the transcript features a security key which breaks down how grades are calculated. Although the information contained on it is very generic, it's common to see this on a real transcript.
  • Every custom printed novelty college and university diploma and transcript is personalized with your name, contact details, dates for graduation, list of classes and more. This is a 100% custom made product made just for you!

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We ship packages all over the world. To get started take a look at our catalog of college and transcript packages available. Choose a country for more details. If you don't see what you want, choose OTHER or contact us for assistance.

Like always we appreciate you considering our site for such services and look forward to working together.

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