Answers to Diploma Questions

Why buy a fake diploma?

People buy novelty documents like we print all the time. Former alums who've lost or misplaced their diplomas use them as personal replacements. Others who want to fool a friend see their value as high-quality replicas. Other times they are used as props or set pieces. Another everyday use is as an esteem booster. Consider a struggling student in need of motivation to graduate. Seeing a diploma made with their name on it could inspire them.

The final print must look and feel authentic no matter why somebody needs our services. A diploma that doesn't look real won't motivate somebody or fool anybody. We understand that. It's why we encourage ourselves to make the most realistic novelties possible.

At the same time, we know it can be stressful thinking if we're the best option. Don't worry because we back all of our work with a risk-free guarantee

How do I order a diploma online?

  1. Please choose a service from our shop
  2. Provide details such as names and dates
  3. Add the item to your cart
  4. Provide billing information and shipping details, and submit your order
  5. Our staff will begin the process of fulfilling your request.

The process of ordering is broken down step-by-step on our how-to order page. On that page, we discuss everything from finding services at our online shop to selecting a shipping method.

What equipment is used to make these?

We operate a professional print shop. Our floor features a variety of professional printing equipment. The machinery used during your diploma production depends on the diploma type. For instance, some diplomas use an electrostatic digital printing process. Others use offset print techniques. Yet, others may need a thermal DOD. Each diploma or certificate is unique and requires specific equipment. Diploma Company uses the most appropriate tools for your particular document request.

We make requesting services with our print shop very easy. First, access our list of available diploma services. Then, we offer options depending on what you need. Our choices include, for example, fake diplomas from high schools and phony diplomas from universities and colleges.

Once an order is complete, you will reach our "thank you for your order" confirmation page. This page confirms your sale with an order number. We will also send an order confirmation to your email. In the future, as your order status changes, new emails will come to keep you in the loop.

Do you stock different diploma papers of various sizes and colours?

Indeed, the colour shade of diplomas, the size, and the thickness will all differ. At the same time, it's common to see letter size online on most high school diploma online, but less familiar with online college diplomas. For years, diploma makers had been using letter sizes for everything. We know now that's not right. So these days, our staff keeps detailed notes on what paper sizes, thicknesses, and colour shades are best for each diploma.

You can read more about our paper inventory on our paper options page.

Can I get a list of every possible diploma you make?

This list is confidential. Please get in touch with us and tell us precisely what you need. A customer agent can confirm with the design team if what you want is possible.

Will my diploma look authentic?

Our knowledge of diplomas is what makes us unique. We have spent years collecting actual educational credentials. Our collection consists of documents from all over the world. Sometimes, we have multiple certificates on file from the same schools, including copies of both graduate and undergraduate degrees. Sometimes they can be ancient, dating back as late as 1920!

We then use these diplomas to make our own "original templates." These templates replicate the actual certificate. They capture the diploma's layout and structure. They also match the font types and seal placement.

When you place an order with us, the design team is informed about what diploma you want. They then pull the best template we have on file for your specific request. We then personalize each template with your details, including your name, dates, etc. Once all our work is complete, any documents are carefully packaged up and shipped out.

Some suppliers try to cut corners by using generic in-house layouts. In-House templates are standard layouts but not accurate replications.

Using In-House templates would ruin our solid reputation. So instead, we take the time to collect diplomas and create "premium" templates. Only "premium" templates are a MATCH of the actual diploma's layout, structure, and more. This extra step ensures a phony diploma shop with the HIGHEST standards.

Do you use real school seals and real signatures?

Actual seals featured on official documents are under copyright. Since we can't use such material, we use our realistic seals. Such seals are often shiny gold or embossed with your school details displayed inside.

As far as signatures go, we do not forge signatures. Instead, you can opt for our realistic signatures. They use real-sounding names but are not copies of school officials. You can also leave the signature lines blank.

We realize some of this may not sound great. We know what everybody wants is a 100% perfect match. Bear in mind that our goal is to make our clients happy. We back everything we do with our risk-free guarantee. If we were not confident that you'd love what we make, we wouldn't guarantee any of it. That's a fact.

How Authentic-Looking are the Seals?

When it comes to the seals on diplomas and certificates, the quality is outstanding. We have the ability to create raised seals that literally come off the page. When you touch the final product, it's an amazing experience. It just brings any documents we provide to another level! You can read more about seals for fake diplomas here.

When ordering our custom document services, this option is available as an add-on. But what if you already ordered but forgot to request this? You won't. Simply pay the difference at any of the following pages:

How to know this site isn't some scam?

This industry, unfortunately, has an awful reputation. For years, some shops would scam people out of money. We realize that the fear of trusting a stop like ours is warranted. We know earning anybody's trust isn't easy.

So, this is why we again present a risk-free money-back guarantee. So please put your mind at ease when you choose us. If we can't make things right, we will cancel the order, no questions asked.

So place an order today, get a sample (or don't) but know that you are in good hands.

Are product images a sneak peek of your diplomas?

Usually not. It's essential to recognize that there are over 132,000 schools worldwide. If we were to make an order form for every school, there would be many order forms. For this reason, we have diploma and certificate order forms to fulfill many requests.

Let's consider a GED diploma. The are 50 USA states. Let's say each state has at least ten possible testing center layouts. That's 500 layouts for that country alone. So we instead use a single USA GED Diploma order form to cover all areas.

Please understand that any product image we use to market services must be very generic. It's because a single picture of a product often represents many regions. In addition, the product image is NOT a preview of our service. The only exceptions are some fake certificates we sell. The exception is mentioned in the product description details if such a case.

Are your diplomas watermarked?

No, any diplomas we provide aren't permanently marked "fake" or "replica." We do add the Diploma Company logo on our product and gallery images to keep them from being stolen by competing stores.

I have a scan, can you reproduce it?

It may be possible. It all depends on the complexity of the document. Like with anything else, some adjustments may need to be made. Our design team will be happy to take a look at your scan and discuss a project.

Get details about submitting a scan here.

What if I have more questions about diplomas?

The website offers many pages discussing us in great detail. Yet if you need help at any time, our staff is here Monday to Friday, from 9 am to 4 pm ET.. You can chat live to speak to us or call us at 416-907-4955. We look forward to helping in any way we can.

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