Fake Diploma Seals and Emblems

The seal on a diploma is a key element that sets it apart and gives it a distinctive look. At Diploma Company, we've been perfecting our craft of creating diploma seals for more than 10 years. During that time, we've gained a wealth of knowledge and experience, and we provide our designers with access to a range of machines and tools to produce high-quality seals for diplomas and certificates. Our designers choose the best option for each client's specific needs, taking into account the document's style and the desired look and feel.

On this page, we'll take a closer look at the different types of seals we offer and the printing techniques used to create them. We'll also share some samples of seals and emblems that we've created in the past. Please note that these images represent only a small fraction of what we can do, and our designers are constantly pushing the limits of what's possible.

Elevated Seals: Taking Diplomas to New Heights

High quality fully embossed multi color seal on a university degree fakeHigh quality fully embossed multi color seal on a university degree fake
Check out the stunning detail on this raised seal! Our layer-by-layer printing technique creates a 3D effect that brings the seal to life, adding an extra level of authenticity and beauty to your diploma or certificate.

At Diploma Company, we understand the importance of creating seals that look and feel authentic. That's why over 80% of the seals we produce for diplomas feature raised elements. This technique is becoming increasingly popular, as more and more real diplomas feature raised seals.

Our team has perfected the process of creating raised seals, using a layer-by-layer printing method that brings the seal to life. With each layer, the seal is built up until it creates a stunning 3D effect. This same technique can also be used to emboss text on documents, adding an extra level of elegance and sophistication.

When you choose Diploma Company for your diploma needs, you can trust that you'll receive a product that exceeds your expectations, with seals that elevate the entire document to new heights.

While there are other print shops producing raised seals, we take pride in our superior process. Many shops use embossing powder to create a similar look, sprinkling it onto an ink-printed seal and heating it to mix with the ink. Unfortunately, this method often leads to uneven, clumpy, and flaky seals. While this process may be cheaper, the results speak for themselves.

At Diploma Company, we invest in the latest technology to ensure that our seals are of the highest quality. Our layer-by-layer printing technique produces a consistent and stunning 3D effect that brings the seal to life. When compared side-by-side with seals created using the embossing powder method, the difference is night and day. We take pride in our craftsmanship, and it shows in every diploma we create.

Our dedication to superior craftsmanship means that producing documents with raised elements using our machine takes time. From graphic design to machine prep to layer-by-layer printing, every step is crucial to creating a flawless seal. Due to the time-intensive nature of this process, we limit the number of raised print requests we can accept daily.

If you're interested in adding a raised seal or embossed text to your diploma or certificate, we encourage you to submit your order as soon as possible. Our team is committed to creating the highest quality products for our customers, and we can't wait to exceed your expectations with our stunning raised seals.

Elevate your Text with Raised Printing

upclose image of embossed and raised text on a diplomaupclose image of embossed and raised text on a diploma
Experience the quality of our expert embossing technique, elevating your diploma with stunning 3D raised text.

Seals with Stunning Depth and Detail

embossed seal on a fake Pennsylvania diplomaembossed seal on a fake Pennsylvania diploma
Behold the intricate detail of our raised seals, meticulously printed layer by layer to ensure stunning clarity and precision. No clumpy powders here, just expert craftsmanship that sets our seals apart.

Crafting Custom Seals with Combined Techniques

embossed seal on a fake Missouri diplomaembossed seal on a fake Missouri diploma
Witness the magic of our mixed-media seals, where the shimmering beauty of metallic gold foil meets the stunning depth of our raised ink technique.

Metallic Seals — The shiny gold standard

Seal featuring a gold metallic overlay finishSeal featuring a gold metallic overlay finish
Look how one of our metallic seals shines against the light!

Seals on diplomas created with a shiny metallic finish are also common. They often come in either gold or silver. Red is an option, too. Our shop is the perfect choice for producing such seals, thanks to our unique process. First, we print any seals or emblems on the document using inks with heavy petroleum distillate. Then, we carefully place a thin layer of metallic foil over the designated area. The diploma, with the foil in place, is then run through a hot stamping machine. The machine heats the foil and presses it onto the ink, causing it to adhere and melt into the paper. The result is a beautifully shiny and smooth metallic finish that adds a touch of class to any document.

While raised seals may be the ultimate choice for many, metallic overlays offer a cost-effective alternative that still looks great. This type of seal requires less setup and is commonly found on high school and secondary school diplomas. Rest assured, our shop has the tools to recreate any metallic seal you desire.

High-Tech Printed Seals - Bold Colours, Stunning Results

Not all seals on diplomas have to be raised or metallic. Our high-tech printing machines can produce stunning seals with bold, rich colours that will make you proud to display your diploma.

We use fine-tuned laser printers with oil-free polyester polymerization toner to achieve maximum print quality. The result is a sharp, vibrant image with precise colour reproduction that matches the original certificate.

Our designers recommend matching the seal type and sticking with the printed option if the basic version of the diploma you want features printed seals. Even though it may not be raised or shiny, we promise that the end result will be beautiful and professional-looking.

We go the extra mile to ensure that even printed seals are of the highest quality. Don't settle for a lifeless seal - trust us to provide you with a stunning, digitally printed seal that will make your diploma stand out.

A Splash of Everything

When it comes to diploma seals, many are a beautiful blend of multiple techniques. These mixed seals combine different styles to create a stunning final product that catches the eye. For example, some seals feature a combination of shiny metallic and rich colour ink, while others incorporate all three techniques - metallic foil, raised ink, and flat colours.

college diploma featuring an embossed die-cast seal over a foil overlaycollege diploma featuring an embossed die-cast seal over a foil overlay
A perfect mix of bold and subtle elements - this seal combines the sharpness of a diecast with the delicacy of foil.

Let us pick the best seal choice

While some sites let customers choose what type of seal they want, we pick what seal we believe is best. If our data shows a printed seal is the appropriate option for a particular diploma, that is what we'll provide. If data supports raising a seal for your request, that is what we will create.

The goal is to take the guesswork out of deciding when ordering services. Buy our services today, and our design team will ensure they use the most appropriate seal type.

Remember that you can always get a free proof of your order. Proofs let you check over our work before it leaves the print shop. With this, you can take a sneak peak at the seal we plan on using. If you hate it, let us know, and we can swap it out then and there. If you choose to skip the proofing, don't worry. Even after your package arrives, we stand by everything we do as part of our risk-free guarantee.

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