How to Use Our Ticket System

Upon placing an order with us, our staff is immediately notified of your request for a custom diploma, transcript, etc. Once one of our assigned diploma designers has finished producing your documents and they are ready to be viewed, you are sent a sample or proof through our ticket system.

Our ticket system at one time was handled through this website but we have since moved to a new system. The change makes it much easier for customers to proof their order with Diploma Company Canada.

Our staff will send out emails through our help desk software with your order sample attached. You can go back and forth with the designer, requesting changes or approving their work at which point it is marked to be shipped out asap.

What will the initial email from the ticket system contain?

It will break down the sample process, our availability, and the importance that you reply back to the email with changes or your approval quickly to ensure your order gets out on time. The sample will be sent as an attachment. Most realistic novelty fake transcripts are sent as pdf documents and most custom printed fake diplomas or fake certificates sold online are sent as jpeg or png images, easily view able on your computer.

How fast do you reply between my messages?

If it is during a normal work week, we typically reply to a ticket system message every hour or so. We try to keep the same designer assigned to your project as getting several employees involved in the same ticket can often cause confusion.This is also why it’s critical that you are detailed in your responses, so the staff at the design team is aware of what you want done and they can fulfill any requests you have in a timely manner.

What if I need help accessing the ticket system.

We are sure you will find the system as easy as checking email but if you need help, our customer support department is here M-F 10AM-5PM EST. They are available via live chat or phone support at 416-907-4955. They can help access tickets from their end and give you updates.

You may find more help with placing orders and using other features of our site, by checking out our help guide.