How to Use Our Ticket System

What is a ticket system?

The offices of Diploma Company Canada do not use traditional email to communicate with customers. Instead, we use at ticket system. Such a system allows us to better organize ongoing projects and communicate more effectively with customers like yourself.

How does a ticket system work?

First you'd contact us. Either by filling out the contract form on our live chat after normal support hours or the message form here. You will soon be sent an email informing you that your message has arrived to our staff. Inside that email will be a secured link allowing you to communicate with staff members. Once a staff member has replied or updated your ticket, you will be sent an additional email making you aware of this so you can click the link again to see any changes to the ticket.

Using the ticket system to see your proofs?

Upon placing an order with us, our staff is immediately notified of your request for a custom diploma, transcript, etc. Once one of our assigned diploma designers has finished producing your documents, and they are ready to be viewed, you are sent a sample or proof through our ticket system.

You can click the link to your special ticket page and view your sample. You can go back and forth with the designer, requesting changes or approving their work, at which point it is marked to be shipped out asap.

How fast do you reply to my messages?

If it is during a normal work week, we typically reply to a ticket system message every hour or so. We try to keep the same designer assigned to your project as getting several employees involved on the same ticket can often cause confusion. This is also why it’s critical that you are detailed in your responses, so the staff at the design team is aware of what you want done, and they can fulfill any requests you have on time.

What if I need help accessing the ticket system.

We are sure you will find the system as easy as checking email, but if you need help, our support department is here M-F 10AM-6PM CST. They are available via live chat or phone support at 416-907-4955. They can access tickets and try to help you will any access issues you are having.

You may find more help with placing orders and using other features of our site, by checking out our help guide.