How to Use Our Ticket System

What is a ticket system?

The design team at Diploma Company do not use traditional email to communicate with customers. Instead, they use at ticket system. Such a system allows them to better organize ongoing projects and communicate more effectively with customers like yourself.

How does a ticket system work?

Once an order is placed, assigned diploma designers begin working on your order. They research necessary details about what you want, gather suppliers, etc. Once a mock-up has been created or if the designer has additional questions to ask you, an email is sent out. This email provides direct access to our secured ticket system. Here you can communicate one-on-one with the design team. If you reply to the ticket discussing your order, the designer is informed of your reply. If the designer continues to add additional notes or make comments inside the same ticket, you will continue to get email alerts about these future updates.

This system allow you to freely go back and forth with your personal designer, discuss about your sample or proof, request changes, and/or approve their work. Once the staff has your "thumbs up" on everything they've done, the final document is carefully printed, securely packaged, and shipped out asap.

The package will leave with the shipping option you choose during checkout. Again, here are complete details about our shipping rates and methods.

How fast do you reply to my messages?

If it's during a normal workday, a designers typically replies to a ticket message every hour or less. We try to keep the same designer assigned to your personal project as getting several employees involved on the same issue can often cause confusion. This is also why it’s critical that you are detailed in your responses, so the members of the design team can quickly address your concerns, make the necessary changes, and get you on your way.

What if I need help accessing the ticket system.

We are sure you will find the system as easy as checking email, but if you need help, our support department is here M-F 9 am to 5 pm EST. They are available via live chat or phone support at 416-907-4955. They can access tickets on behalf of the design team and try to resolve any issues you are having.

See our customer support page.

Help with More Issues?

There can be so many questions when trying a new website. A great place to start is checking out our help guide. There you will find fast access to important areas of our store and quickly learn everything you need to know about us.