What is a Fake Diploma?

Understanding Fake Diplomas

A fake diploma is an authentic-looking novelty-version of a real diploma that closely resembles a genuine academic certificate. It boasts elements typically found in real diplomas, such as details about the student, the field of study, and passing dates. It also is printed on high-quality paper, includes matching fonts, and shiny gold and raised seals.

About Our Custom Fake Diplomas

Each of our fake diplomas is a 100% custom-made document, which ensures you are getting exceptional quality. Printed on premium stock paper with state-of-the-art techniques, we can personalised your fake diploma with various seal choices, including glossy metallic seals, embossed foil stickers, and vibrant printed seals.

Explore the best fake diplomas by educational level

Each diploma is inspired by the characteristics of diplomas from respective institution, offering a unique and authentic-looking piece.