All About Paper for Fake Diplomas, Degrees & Transcripts

We Use Best Diploma & Transcript Paper Featuring Proper Texture & Thickness for Perfect Prints!

paper for printing fake diplomas

What is Proper Paper Size for Fake Diplomas?

Diploma Company UK uses only professional grade paper for the printing of all diplomas and certificates that we produce. This acid-free paper has a cover weight of 65 pounds and a caliper thickness of 0.10". We stock this paper in various colors and a variety of sizes including letter (8.5X11), 8X6, and 11X14. Although letter size is prefect for 80% of diplomas and certificates that we print, the variety of sizes gives us a lot of flexibility. Should you need anything smaller than 11x14, you can cut custom sizes at request. Typically we put notes next to each original diploma template suggesting best paper sizes and colors to ensure the most realistic looking document possible. Chosen sizes is often based upon the information we have noted. Should you simply want a specific size to fit a frame or for any other reason, Just ask a customer support agent prior to ordering.


Most Popular Diploma & Certificate Paper Colors

white diploma paper

New White

natural diploma paper


aged diploma paper


pewter diploma paper


Paper used for Printing Realistic Transcripts

holding fake transcripts printed on blue and red security paper!
fake transcript paper featuring security key

The transcripts we produce may be novelties, but our goal is to make a fake transcripts that can still shock and amazing people. That is not possible if you don't ensure things like the best transcript paper is used. The type of paper we stock for transcripts, called security paper, is similar to what a high school or college may use to print academic records onto. The paper is available in several colors, but just like our original diploma templates, assigned templates are used with detailed notes about what transcript paper is best suited for your specific request.

What makes the paper for your fake transcripts special?

  • The words "VOID" or "COPY" appear when photographed! This is common on real transcripts!
  • It's watermarked!
  • Contains delicate security fibers!
  • Offset #60 weight; similar to our diploma paper.
  • Glob Fibers!

We understand that although customers purchase fake diplomas and transcripts for a variety of reasons including personally replacing a damaged diploma, fooling a friend or boosting their confidence, quality still has to be top notch. That is why we put so much emphasis on every detail including using the best paper options possible. Our goal is to provide you with a custom novelty document that appears to be anything but to those that first see it. Our goal is for others to immediately believe in it's authenticity. A custom document, phony or not, can only win people over when they are printed on the best paper available. This includes parchment and security papers of the proper sizes, weights and color shades. Diploma Company UK buys it's paper from the same sort of sources that many schools printing documents buy the same types of paper from.