Fake Transcript FAQ

How realistic is the coursework used on your custom transcripts?

Our production department stocks standard coursework for a variety of degree and majors. This list may not match specific classes taken at particular high schools, universities or colleges. Instead it is common classes that relate to your specific area of study. In most cases, customers find this list acceptable since the classes match close enough. An example of differences may be us writing "English 101" and a school calling the same course "English Intro". We have been selling these documents for years and they have a 99.3% approval rating as a whole.  We are confident to say you will be happy with our standard transcripts as we produce them.

If this bothers you, are you are more than welcome to request "custom coursework". You can submit this type of coursework two ways. You can choose option #1, our more expensive option, which is you can give us a list of the coursework you want to appear and we will sort through it, put it in the proper order, make sure all the scores are properly calculated and then ship everything off once you approve it. With option #2, our more affordable solution, we will send you a Word file or a template of a transcript. You can edit it as you wish with the classes you want, in the order you want and you can even move around the layout if you are comfortable editing Word docs on that level. Once finished the final document is printed, holograms are applied, it's embossed and keys are added and the final document is sent off to the printer, packaged up and shipped out.

If you would like to see the template and read more about option #2 you can go here.

What kind of transcript paper do you use?

We use specially ordered "Official Document" security paper for most orders. Similar paper is used by many popular universities, colleges, high schools, and testing centers! The highlights of this paper include:

  1. When photocopied the words "COPY" appear - exactly like a real academic transcripts!
  2. Tamper Proof Holograms ** Look Below **
  3. Standard or custom coursework options
  4. A watermarked logo in background*
  5. "Grading Key" on back

What graduation or passing date should I use?

Graduate dates often change depending on the type of degree. For fake transcripts from ged testing centers there really is no proper date because in most cases tests are taken all year. When it comes to fake transcripts from high schools, the graduations are usually late May, in most cases. For our fake transcripts from colleges or universities, we recommend a graduation in May or June. If you are unsure of what graduation day to submit, leave this field blank when ordering and we can research best graduation dates and submit this part of the order on your behalf.

Can you add a "transcript key" to the back of my transcripts and what is it?

In most cases, we can add a transcript key which talks about the grading scale, how grades are earned, etc. This is common feature found on the back of most transcripts and it's why we add it to those we print.

Are your transcripts embossed during the production process?

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Yes. All of our transcripts are embossed with a stamp that reads "official records". Often when you request transcripts from a school, they are embossed. To make ours look legit, we emboss our transcripts also. This is one of the many add-ons that help make these transcripts a popular hit with our customers.

The process for embossing is applied using discs that have logos engraved into them. These discs will indent the document, applying the registrar stamp to it.

What if I need a particular field of study on my transcripts?

Like we said before, we stock coursework for many popular degrees. If you have a degree that you feel is extremely uncommon, you may want to contact us first. You could also upgrade to our custom coursework option. We pretty much willing to print any type of degree you wish with the exception of law and medical degrees. This regulation applies to both diplomas and transcripts. Diploma Company will not print those types of degrees under any circumstance.