Psychology involves study of human conduct and various mental procedures, therefore it is known as a rewarding career. A psychologist is responsible to study the emotions and the reactions of a person to understand his/her conduct under various circumstances. People suffering with behavioral problems often consult psychologists for a series of treatments, including counseling, therapy and medications. The psychologists diagnose specific disorders, by collecting important details from the patient through interview and various tests. The person is responsible to prepare individual plans for each patient and make some modifications according to the progress of patients.

Requirements to Become Psychologist

If you want to become licensed psychologist, then you have to pass more than 10 exams with psychology majors. The core curriculum of the course is designed to develop various important skills in the candidate. The course basically focuses on the psychoanalysis, stress management, personality growth and neuro-psychology. You can get a degree in psychology, social work and counseling. The advance level programs like doctoral programs are based on research and the graduate degrees focus on the practice, including counseling. There are various degree programs, and the duration of each program may vary, such as the graduate degree programs is about 3 years and postgraduate degree programs are about 2 years.

Personal Skills for Psychology Field

If you want to successfully join this career field, you should have all important skills, including analytic mind to make a diagnosis, outstanding communication skills and counseling for the patients suffering from mental and behavioral issues. The anger management is an important skill for the psychologist, because the person should remain cool even under pressure while dealing with a difficult patient. The successful psychologists should have professional skills and a real passion to help people to trounce mental and behavioral challenges. You can join a specific College degree online course to obtain all essential skills in the practical life.   

Career in Psychology

The career in psychology can be really prosperous, because lots of Indians find it important to consult a psychologist to reduce the complexities of the regular life. The traditional courses focus on various branches, including forensic, business, criminal and child life. You should get 50% marks in the bachelor’s degree from a recognized institution.

Job Prospect of Psychology

Interested candidates can make their career in the following attractive branches of the psychology:

Clinical Psychology

The clinical psychologists treat the people for their psychosomatic problems. They provide therapy to patients suffering with chronic psychiatric problems. The physician works on a wide variety of populations to treat their specific disorders and investigate their behavioral patterns.

Counseling Psychology

The person performs various clinical procedures, but the main focus of the physician is the adjustment of severe psychological disorders. The training is given to the candidate in education departments, and the psychologists can use various academic settings, heath centers and counseling centers for treatment.

Physical Condition Psychology

The health psychologists contribute to the promotion and maintenance of good health and introduce various treatments to prevent illnesses. Various programs can be developed to focus on the specific areas of human health, including stop smoking, weight loss, get rid of alcoholism, stress management and physical fitness. You can get employment in hospitals, medical schools, health agencies, rehabilitation centers, and private clinics.

Teaching and Research

You can offer teaching services also at undergraduate, masters and doctoral level in a university setting. The individual can also focus on research in private research organizations, but to work as a researcher, you should have a PhD diploma in psychology.

Sports Psychology

The individual deals with the psychological factors of the athletes to improve their performance. He/she often keeps a close eye on the effects of exercises and physical activities. The sports teams are often observed under special academic settings.

School Counseling

The school counselors are responsible to deal with the children having trouble in their life. They work in collaboration with their peers and teachers to deal with various family problems. The school counseling is equally important for elementary, middle and high school levels.

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