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Save 5% using coupon code: FAST5 today. That's the word "FAST" plus the number "5". FAST5. Please ask a support rep for any ways we can help you save. Only limitation is your cart must have $79.00 USD or more of merchandise.

There may be other ways to save you money as we run in-house promotions from time to time. You can also bundle diplomas and transcripts together and save up to 30% off! Please contact our support staff by calling 312-985-7109. Our offices are open M-F 10AM-6PM CST. We try to work with clients and help them stick within their budget if at all possible so make an effort to say hi and see what can be done.

Coupon Disclaimer

Discounts tend to reset at the end of each month. At that point we will decide to cancel any current coupon promotions, continue them and/or make changes.