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All About Paper for Fake Diplomas, Degrees & Transcripts

A perfect diploma requires the perfect paper

We stock professional grade paper for diplomas and transcripts. This includes parchment paper for diplomas. This also includes security paper for transcripts. We have decorative border paper necessary for some certificates.

Our stock room stocks paper in different colours, sizes, and weights. As diploma makers, it's important to know what paper is best for what documents. These details are what separates Diploma Company India from the rest!

paper for printing fake diplomas

What size should a diploma be?

We stock this paper in a variety of colours and sizes, including a standard letter size of 8.5×11 in (21.59×27.94 cm), 8×6 in (20.32×15.24 cm), and 11×14 in (27.94×35.56 cm). Although letter size is perfect for 80% of diplomas and certificates that we print, the variety of sizes gives us a lot of flexibility. Should you need anything smaller than 11×17 in (27.94×43.18 cm), we can cut custom sizes if requested.

What weight should a diploma be?

Diploma Company India uses only professional grade paper for the printing of all diplomas and certificates that we produce. This acid-free paper has a cover weight of 65 (29.484 kg) to 110 pounds (49.9 kg). We try to make notes of proper weights. We use this data during the final prints. For example, most certificates should be printed with a diploma paper weight of a 24lb bond and 60lb text.

What colour is diploma paper?

Diplomas and certificates are often printed on off-white or new-white paper. Other documents can often be pewter, aged, or natural. We keep detailed notes on what paper colour is best for what diploma. This ensures the proper paper colour is accessed before the final printing and shipping of our documents.

white diploma paper

New White

natural diploma paper


aged diploma paper


pewter diploma paper


What kind of paper is used for transcripts?

designer holding variety of academic security papers for novelty transcript prints
transcript key

Most transcripts or academic records are printed on security paper. This is a special type of paper that features many security features. These include:

  1. The words "VOID" or "COPY" appear when the document is copied or scanned.
  2. Contained delicate security fibers.
  3. Offer #60 weight;like diploma paper.
  4. Glowing fibers.

This is the type of paper a school's registrar's office will use to print records. We stock this paper in our warehouse. It's available in many colours and formats.

This paper is one of the advantages we have in making high quality novelties. Our goal is to create fake transcripts from high schools and colleges that will shock and amaze people. This is not possible unless the best paper is used. When you request a transcript on our site, our staff checks our records, pulls the best security paper option, and gets to work.

What if I don't like the paper choice you made?

The reality is, there are a lot of paper styles to pick from. We have notes to support our decision to use one type of paper over another. At the same time, if you don't like the paper we have picked, we will work with you. You can get a sample and question the designer's decision on what supplies to use. They may try to support their decision, but the final decision is ultimately yours. Plus, we fully support our work with our risk-free guarantee. We stand by our work and will address any problems. That's a promise.

Final Thoughts on Paper

We understand that although customers purchase one of our high quality diplomas or transcripts for a variety of reasons, we know top-notch quality is most important! That's because whether you want to personally replace a lost or damaged diploma, fool a friend, or boost your confidence, none of that is possible with poor quality prints. We try to stock only the best paper choices required to meet the demands of clients like yourself. This includes parchment and security papers of the proper sizes, weights and colour shades. At this present we stock 20+ shades of certificate papers and around 10 to 12 academic transcript papers, with many more capable of being special ordered.

If you have more questions about our paper options or want to verify a type in our inventory, our staff is here M-F 10AM-6PM CST. We can be reached by live chat or by giving us a call at 312-985-7109. We look forward to hearing from you.