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Did you know that India was one of the countries that Diploma Company creates documents from? We have spent years collecting actual diplomas and degrees from schools all over this country and created original templates from these documents. These templates allow us to know important details about every diploma and certificate including how the name of the school is written, where the student's name goes, how many signatures it had, where the seal is placed, etc. Nobody has more templates on file than us, meaning that we can accurate replicate almost any diploma from a India school. In fact, we have templates from colleges and universities all over the country include those in cities like Mumbai, Bengaluru, Chennai, and Kolkata among many others.

Why do people buy fake degrees from India?

Although there are many common misconceptions about the use of novelty degrees, the fact remains that many people use our services for legitimate reasons. For many, we offer a fast way to replace documents that may have been lost or damaged. In many cases a school can take anywhere from six to eight weeks to do so. Others see our documents as esteem boosters. Take into consideration a young lady who recently bought a diploma from us after struggling with school. Seeing her on name on the document inspired her to return to school and she actually graduated. For others, it's a truly novelty document and a way to fool coworkers or friends into thinking they graduated. We even had somebody show their fake off to fellow graduates and members of the alumni believed it!

We know no matter why you want to use the document, it is important that it looks and feels realistic. That is why we make sure all of our products are replicated from real degrees. We simple create the document using one of our templates, putting your name on an official looking graduate certificate.

How fast can I get my fake India degree?

We ship all items in 24 business hours as long as they are placed before our cutoff. When they do ship, we provide tracking numbers to monitor your delivery from our warehouse to you. As far as the shipping process goes, every document is sent out in a solid package to protect the document during transit. It also does not mention this website or diplomas or degrees, to protect your privacy.

You can see examples of our India documents below. If you need help, we can be reached by telephone, live chat or email.

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