Diploma Company India Reviews - Last Updated November of 2019

Jana Fernandez

  • Verified Customer Review
  • Verry pissed off. I paid over $120 and this looks totally fake and the seal looks like crap. All you did was print this on some thick paper and throw this garbage sticker on it!!!! i want my money back!!!

  • Sir I was just checking my records and it looks like for the graduation year you put 1979 when you needed a diploma from 1989 so we were using the layout from the late 70's. Sorry you give us the wrong date. Don't worry, just give us a call and we will rush out a new copy using the 1989 graduation layout which has a much higher resolution seal. You will like. I'll also ship this for free.

Austin Horton

  • Verified Customer Review
  • my diploma is bent.... it got bent. how did u allow this??????

  • I got a call from the shipping company around '3 today. They admitted your package got damaged in transit, They aren't sure how it happened but admitted that it did. We try to package up our documents securely but it can happen if the delivery drive mishandles it. I am so sorry to hear that your package was damaged. Please call us. We will overnight a new copy right away, free of charge. Please understand that once any diploma or transcript leaves, we can not stop what the shipping company does but we will make sure you are happy.

Jon C.

  • Verified Customer Review
  • Very happy with my diploma/

  • If you are happy, can I ask why you gave us 1 star? I am curious to know if you meant to give a higher ranking? Could you please let me know or edit your review? Glad you are happy with what we sent you.

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