Diploma Company India Reviews - Last Updated November of 2019

Tom Caldrin

  • Verified Customer Review
  • They refused to leave my package on the door so it was delayed. Didn't get it til the following day. Frustrating.

  • Sorry to hear about a this. Yes, a lot of times the delivery driver will not leave a package on the door step because so many boxes get stolen off of porches these days. It's just the unfortunate reality. You can try leaving a note telling the drive you authorize him to do it but may still not feel comfortable. I wish this was not the case. I am glad you finally your fake diploma from Washington High.


  • Verified Customer Review
  • I was suppose to get my diploma yesterday and it is late.

  • I checked and it looks a storm in Atlanta has delayed delivery. We normally call our customers if we noticed any shipment delays. Look like Jason tried to call you but got your voicemail. Did you not get the message? Again, please call me and I can refund you for the overnight rush and just have you pay the 2 day air difference since this was not your fault but act of nature.

Olaf Steyer

  • Verified Customer Review
  • Much bad run organisation with custom diploma process.

  • I am sorry you are not happy with our team. I did check your order and I remember your order well. You purchased a college diploma from Germany and German diplomas can be very difficult due to the amount of detail required to replicate them. Diplomas from the UK or Canada or USA or Australia are much easier than those. I see you started to work with the designer two weeks ago. This has been a long process that has taken much time. I do see where you write Michelle an email to say that you were very happy with her work and asked her to ship out the diploma. We did. I don't see any complaints. I am not sure why you are not happy or why you gave us three stars? May I ask why? May you please call me because all emails I have from you, you talk about how real the diploma looks and how much you love our work.

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