Diploma Company India Reviews - Last Updated November of 2019

Ellen S.

  • Verified Customer Review
  • The quality of what I got was amazing.

Margery Hurley

  • Verified Customer Review
  • The fake diploma from Central High looked great.

Tina Harmon

  • Verified Customer Review
  • Diploma Company made a replacement diploma for me that is a practically copy to the one I lost. There fast reaction time from requesting, sealing, printing, to conveyance was astonishing. In working with customer benefit they were snappy in noting my email and online visit inquiries alongside speed and productivity. I will prescribe Diploma Diploma to others needing indistinguishable administration from I did.

Erick Powers

  • Verified Customer Review
  • Pretty much what the website promises they deliver. The order form is pretty simple to understand, not wasting your time with a lot of nonsense questions about paper color or seals you want. A company like this should know what is best for me and I like how they slice through all the bs. My biggest headache was, this was a novelty, but I wanted a law degree. They refused to do anything legal so I had to switch. I realize it's in the terms and policies but just wish they would do law stuff.

  • Sorry but we don't do law or medical degrees. We are very strict about that. The site does say this on the order form and I apologize if it was not clear enough.

Deborah Powell

  • Verified Customer Review

Sandie Cochran

  • Verified Customer Review
  • Great products. Staff is so helpful to me.

Julian Oates

  • Verified Customer Review
  • I liked what I got but wish the products were cheaper. I found this kind of pricey.

  • If you order again, let me know and I'll toss you a coupon code. A lot of high prices is due to the equipment we use costing a lot plus we have a full staff to answer phones and chats, which a lot of other sites don't have and save money with.

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