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Everybody is looking to score a good deal or at least feel like they weren’t taken advantage of. So when we see something like a piece of paper sold online for $200 or more, we tend to feel like we’re being taken to the cleaners. Although there is a lot to consider when questioning fees you may find outrageous, there is no harm in researching cheap fake diplomas online and seeing if they are a good fit for your needs.

The following page offers some advice when shopping for custom novelty documents today and ways you can save money.

#1 If it is Cheap, Lower Your Expectations

There is an old saying in business and that is, "time is money". If you're going to spend a lot of time and energy on a service, you’ll charge more. If you can find ways to cut corners and save time, you can pass those savings onto the consumer. As a customer you mind is sometimes solely focused on the price tag and although it's hard to see past that, you need to. At the end of the day you have a budget, and as a business we respect that. Yet, very rarely can you slice your budget and expect to not lose out on quality when it comes to a business that offers a service such as a fake diploma print shop.

To give you an idea of how Diploma Company operates, copies including scans and photocopies of actual diplomas come into our production facility. A diploma designer like Melissa will then take that diploma and carefully trace it or copy it. She’s trying to generate a template that captures the format and structure of the legitimate diploma. Then that template is filed away as template, “AZ109B” and it’s tagged as being the best template option for a particular school and/or a particular graduation year from that school.

If you order a diploma from a specific school, the staff sees that “AZ109B” is the best fit and uses that template when producing a custom diploma.

Researching all of these diplomas, creating unique layouts, filing them away; it all takes time and energy.  A lot of sites offering cheap fake diplomas online will instead only stock a handful of formats from different regions. If you request a diploma from a certain part of the world, the layout or format will be common to schools in that area but may not specifically match up with the actual diploma itself.

Again most sites doing the research and time necessary to create realistic diplomas, are going to charge you so much more money.  This is not to say the quality can’t be there with a regional approach to the formatting but you should lower your expectations and hope to be pleasantly surprised.

#2 Coupon Codes and Discounts

Websites are always offering discount codes and sales to save you money. For example, Diploma Company offers a fake high school diploma for $99 which is down from $120 normally. The price may go up and down but it is allowing customers to score cheaper high school fakes these days.

There are also coupons. Standard coupon codes of 10% are often given away with options to get 20% off offered for a lot of buyers. It’s important to ask a sales rep via live chat or phone how you can save additional money.

#3 Combining Diplomas and Transcripts

The last way to save is with packages where you combine a diploma and transcript together. Case in point, get a fake GED diploma with transcripts for just $119 which is 20% less than if each item was bought together. Savings are offered because the site has less to ship out, cutting down on production times.

#4 When You Buy Matters

As with most businesses, sales can go up and down and sites can offer you discounts during specific times of the year. Case in point is a good time to buy as print shops are working out deals with vendors helping them lowering overhead and operational costs. This means they can potentially save you some additional money but you have to ask to see what can be done.

Final Thoughts on Cheap Fake Diplomas Online!

cheap fake diplomas look awful and badcheap fake diplomas look awful and bad

Like I said there are ways to cut down on the prices of high-quality fake diplomas from online shops like Yet, if certain standards are required, expect to pay more. It’s just important to put your expectations in perspective if you find cheap alternatives. Often the layouts won't accurate, the seals will use low quality printing techniques, and other factors will be noticeable. The final print may leave you feeling frustrating and wishing you had spent more with a better supplier.

We know people hate spending more money for something and not seeing the value in their purchase. We get that. We invite you to check out today and see our line of products. If we are able to meet your budget needs, we can will gladly suggest another website to check out. We are not trying to rip anybody off and want to help you achieve cheap fake diplomas that don’t force us to lower our standards beyond a quality we can’t stand behind, if possible.

Our website open 24/7 and our staff is here Monday to Friday, from 10 am to 5 pm CST. We can be reached by phone at 312-236-2892, email or live chat today. We look forward to talking with you.